Tricia CHEEL for Auckland Mayor

I am the STOP  Candidate for Mayor for Auckland ~ Tricia CHEEL

Phone 476 7279 or Mobile 027 469 2233

I was born in non-fluoridated Onehunga and grew up in Dargaville on a dairy farm.
Came to study in Auckland in 1967, the year fluoridation began, and was in the first intake of the Auckland Medical School in 1968 – 1971 but only felt well in the holidays at home.
Have live in Browns Bay since 1977 and wondered what on earth was wrong with me until I stopped drinking the tap water totally in October 2012 and had a tremendous improvement in my health and well being in just a day or so.
The Fluoride Effect on Fluoridation Information Network FB page.
Have investigated many natural therapies in my search to relieve the misery of fluoro-toxicosis and taught over 500 adults through Community Education since 1987.
Whilst setting up my practice I found the same people coming with the same complaints every time the council sprayed their areas, so I believed it was important to first remove the cause of their suffering and have been co-ordinator of a community group, Friends of Sherwood since June 1990.
FOS became by keeping the local playground free of toxic chemicals, waste and other pollution, and gradually expanded our area of work to the whole Sherwood Reserve, then 23 kms of roading surrounding it and were able to show that with community involvement, integrated organic management modules could compete with the cost of Roundup and do a better job.
Won contracts for the whole of East Coast Bays and managed a team of TaskForce Green workers until rudely bumped aside by the Waipuna hot water system in 1996/7.
On Working Parties of Projects CARE and Rosedale to clean up the beach pollution and upgrade the Rosedale treatment plant.
Received the NZ Health Industry’s Distinguished Public Service Award for initiating public education and promoting awareness on environmental health issues in 1999.
FOS gained a grant from Infrastructure Auckland to plant over 30,000 native species along 2km of stream banks of the Taiaotea in November 1999 but it was several years before we could start due to obstruction from the Local Board.
FOS opened an eco-community recycling centre and workshop, The Green-Bee Hive, which was also an Environment Centre until Vodafone erected a cell phone site on the reserve outside.
We fought that, and two subdivisions of Special Development Areas through the Environment Court and have lobbied Council through numerous attempts to reintroduce Roundup and 2 referendums on fluoridation.
I stood for the BAN 1080 Party in East Coast Bays in the 2014 election.

Auckland needs to be steered away from the egotistical, corporate profiteering that has resulted in more poverty and homelessness, towards ecologically sound governance that helps everyone enjoy a good life full of opportunity.
We need local-community-based solutions, including work carried out by local people at a fraction of the cost caused by the duplication and waste in the extravagant over-managed corporate structure:
Innovate integration of funding streams for multiple solutions and immediate relief of homelessness, traffic congestion and lifting the toxic burden off the living world:
A blueprint for an ORGANIC AUCKLAND by 2020 for the healthiest, kindest and happiest city in the world.