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Born in non-fluoridated Onehunga, as Patricia BARR.

I grew up on a dairy farm on the West Coast of Dargaville and attended the Primers, Primary, Intermediate and High Schools there, becoming Dux in 1966, after a year at Auckland Girls Grammar in 1965.

Auckland was fluoridated the year I studied at Glendowie College and my nightmare began as I wondered what was wrong with me through 3 years at the new Auckland Medical School, and for 35 years after moving to Auckland in 1977, until I finally stopped drinking the artificially fluoridated tap water in October 2012 and experienced tremendous improvements in my health and well being in just a day or so.    I tell more of this ‘Fluoride Effect’ on the Fluoridation Information Network FB page ~ HERE

I often wondered why I felt perfectly fine back home during the holidays while for the rest of the year, I felt like I was “walking through treacle“.   I now see people throughout Auckland looking exactly as I felt and suggest they try the 30 day Tap Water Test – avoiding it for a whole month and see what happens!

Looking for answers to my debility I have studied many natural health therapies and tutored over 500 adults through Community Education.   Whilst starting up my practice in 1987 I noticed that the same people would come to me every time the council sprayed in their area and determined that this cause of their distress should be removed.

In June 1990 my son discovered Rob Thompson burning the weeds in the Sherwood playground so children wouldn’t suffer from chemical poisoning as he had through working for Takapuna City Council, even though he had no children himself.

If it was good enough for him then it seemed fair enough for the rest of us in the neighbourhood to lend a hand and by leafletting just 100 houses bordering the Sherwood Reserve 20 people turned up at a working bee and Friends of Sherwood was born ~ FB page here.

We formulated the AIM of having a beautiful and healthy neighbourhood in which to LIVE as free as possible of toxic chemicals, waste and other pollution.

We expanded the area surrounding the playground to the trees and then the whole reserve and 23 kms of roading around it until we have figures to show that with community involvement non-toxic methods could complete with the cost of Roundup ~ who’s active ingredient, glyphosate, was categorised as a ‘probable human carcinogen‘ by the IARC committee of WHO in March 2015.

In fact our Integrated Organic Management Module (IOM) out-performed the Devonport Weed Trials that had been done even with the playing field tilted deliberately in favour of  toxic chemicals.

By 1996 Friends of Sherwood had won contracts to manage the streets, walkways and a number of parks for the whole of East Coast Bays without the use of toxic chemicals, but were rudely bumped aside when the Waipuna Hot Water system was adopted.

This is a wonderful tool but is better used in an integrated manner with community involvement where the ‘horses for courses‘ method which uses whatever is best suited for the conditions, rather than the silver bullet approach which centralised services always seem to favour.

Because FOS are a ‘dissenting‘ voice whenever these toxic chemicals are employed unnecessarily, thereby putting us all at risk and damaging the environment, we have been treated as pariahs by the local board and indeed the whole council, especially since the Super City has created their CCO, Auckland Transport, to do the dirty work and have markedly increased the use of carcinogenic glyphosate, and others, since taking over in 2012.

As the co-ordinator for Friends of Sherwood I sat on the Working Parties of both Projects CARE and Rosedale to clean up the beaches and upgrade the Rosedale Treatment Plant and realised the importance of revegetating the stream banks to improve the stormwater quality.

In 1999 we gained a grant from Infrastructure Auckland to plant 30,000 native species along almost 2 kilometres of the Taiaotea Stream banks in Browns Bay but were delayed by an unsympathetic Community Board (who maybe didn’t like being shown up for not acting effectively and securing a grant themselves before IA was wound up?) and didn’t get properly underway until 2003 with workers from Task Force Green.

We set up an Eco-Community Recycling Centre and Workshop, The Green-Bee Hive in the Sherwood Shops and it became an Environment Centre for a time until VODAFONE decided to erect a cell phone site right in front of it whilst North Shore City Council simply rolled over despite their own policy of not allowing them on reserve land: and after fighting 2 other consents for subdivision of Special Development Areas (SDA’s) this court battle left us severely depleted and we moved The Green Bee-Hive into my garage!

It was DARK DAYS for some time!   And I tell this story to highlight how Community Groups can be given a very hard time by a bureaucratic council and even harder when the Local Board fails to support them.  THIS MUST STOP!

In 2013, after recovering sufficiently from the fluoro-toxicosis, I stood for Mayor for Auckland and the Waitemata DHB to alert people to the dangers of tipping this highly toxic industrial waste, from the scrubbings of the filthy chimneys of the phosphate fertiliser factories directly into our drinking water; and in 2014 I was the BAN 1080 Party‘s candidate for East Coast Bays and continue to be horrified at how a supposedly civilised society can justify the torturous death it inflicts on thousands of animals and yet have people baying for blood when a board rider innocently swims with an orca ~ See Petition to STOP the DROPS!

I now have my own solar powered rain water factory delivering triple-filtered and UV-treated drinking water but it concerns me that others are still struggling under a toxic burden they are not even aware of.


Auckland Council’s Weed Management Policy (WMP) requires that the least amount of the least toxic agri-chemical be used and yet Auckland Transport (AT) has markedly increased their use of carcinogenic glyphosate and others.  This is another unnecessary toxic burden on health.   The Independent Hearing Panel (IHP) of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) failed to have the WMP incorporated despite being shown that the policy itself stated it would be.

The IHP also listened only to the foreign buyer and Auckland Council’s own evidence on the status of the Northcross Reserve behind Sherwood Primary and Northcross Intermediate Schools, ignoring a survey by North Shore City Council that FOS presented stating that the areas should be preserved, and our call for a judicial review since the way this educational land was sold into private ownership was fraught with irregularities and Auckland Council, the local MP, and the Associate Minister of Education failed to act – I believe Murray McCully was too busy gifting sheep to Saudi Arabia?

The mediation sessions for the Unitary Plan were an eye-opener as I sat around the table as probably the only person there not being paid by some corporation or big business to protect their interests and this is the way our lives are rapidly being taken over by corporate control as they can afford to change a word or two here and there to ensure they keep the advantage over the pubic interest.

It is concerning to see that the front-runner for Mayor actually supports the TPPA when this makes way for even more corporate control over our sovereignty  and it is particularly disturbing to see Glaxo-Smith-Klein (GSK) preparing to takeover Monsanto – the originator of glyhosate, Agent Orange, PCB’s, DDT, Dioxin. aspartame, Bovine growth hormone, polyestyrene,  and GE crops which use even more glyphosate than others – and 1080 poison, sodium monofluoroacetate, is made in a former Monsanto factory by Tull Chemicals (NZ uses 90% of the total production!)   GSK was fined $400M by the Chinese government, being the amount they used to bribe doctors in China to use their drugs and it has recently been revealed that they knowingly sold vaccines contaminated with AIDS: while Monsanto continues to sue organic farmers for saving seeds after their crops have been contaminated by their GE corn or Soy etc.

Just as horrifying is the prospect that Du Pont and DOW make merge – 2 chemical giants that will protect their territory at all costs ~ see video Let Us Spray at bottom of this page ~ described as ‘one of the biggest cover-ups in NZ history‘ but the same could be said for fluoridation, 1080 poison and now glyphosate!


A healthy economy relies on a fit and healthy population.

The extravagant, egotistical, profiteering corporate model NZ has adopted since 1984, has not only increased poverty and homelessness but also resulted in soaring rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies and dementia many linked to pollution and contamination:  Havelock North is a wake-up call as is:

59% increase in breast cancer in women under 45 in 13 years:    40% increase in cancer in children in UK in 16 years:  particles from traffic pollutions found in Alzheimers brains:   PLUS the environmental damage ~ 50% of wildlife lost in the past 40 years:  by 2050 more plastic than fish in the ocean: 287 foreign chemicals found in placentas of new born babies:   almost every day there is a new headline!

There is a very deliberate and determined attempt by corporations to take over our lives for the sake of their profits and big business has dominated decisions in Auckland  ~ been considered 1st, 2nd and 3rd ~ for far too long!

To counter this and put Children & Poverty, Families & Homelessness, Pollution & the Environment all first equal,  we need to break up the corporate control put power back in the hands of the people at a local level.

The Unitary Plan is a prime example of how rules are imposed from the top down, taking no notice of individual communities and their differing needs and aspirations and which only well-heeled communities are in a position to challenge.

We need to grow from the bottom up!

My plan for the first 60 days in office if elected

  • Turn the fluoride tap off, as per the last referendum in Onehunga where 66% voted against fluoridation. An immediate moratorium on glyphosate, 1080 poison, and other unnecessary toxic substances and practices for all urban environments and put the rest of the region on notice that permits will eventually be required to use any of these as seen in Hudson, Quebec, Canada.
  • Implement the police recommendations around gambling, violence, alcohol and other drugs.
  • Engage DHBs and Medical School to study the results of lifting this toxic burden off the community and environment with a view to the government contributing from the savings made to health, welfare, and police budgets.
  • Engage government in making immigration manageable, and extracting rightful taxes from big business so corporate sponsorships, involving naming rights and signage, are removed incrementally from all the public venues without the users suffering while protecting our young people from the conflicting messages about their health and safety concerning junk food, alcohol, and other harmful influences.
  • Remove undue corporate influence in decision making, signifying the culture change from ego-centric corporate profiteering that has produced poverty and homelessness, pollution and extinction; and to ecologically sound governance where everybody can enjoy a good life full of opportunity.

My views on the Auckland Unitary Plan

My initial overview is that it is an appalling document that could result in cheap and nasty housing and insufficient green space left for an expanding population, but have to work with it creatively.   The mediation sessions very clearly illustrated how big business influences these plans.

My approach to the housing and public transport issues

Two of Auckland’s major problems, housing and transport, are inevitable results of the crux of the problem, which is the council operating with an extravagant corporate mindset for far too long. It would be tackled from both the strategic ecologically sound overview of integrated organic management systems and local community-based solutions.

Three initiatives I plan on undertaking as the mayor

  •  First, a pilot programme of innovative integration of funding streams to be more economic and effective and deliver better outcomes for all.
  • Second, local community-based actions to tackle transport, waste, weed management and other issues.
  • Third, a blueprint to becoming New Zealand’s first organic city by 2020.

My VISION for the future of Auckland

My vision for Auckland is to become the healthiest, kindest, and the happiest city in the world, with the lowest carbon footprint possible because there is a rich, thriving, diverse culture where people are engaged in contributing to the solutions once they feel appreciated, valued, empowered and included, even if they have ‘dissenting’ views.

Kia ora

E 287 ngā matū rerekē kua kitea ake i roto i ngā whenua o ngā pēpi. Ki te pēnei haere tonu ka nui ake ngā kirihou i ngā ika i roto i ngā moana a te tau 2050. 50% ngā kararehe o te wao kua korehāhā i roto i te 40 tau kua hipa.

Me mātua whakawātea e tātau ngā kino tāoke mai i tēnei ao mō te painga o ngā whakatipuranga o muri mai. Me huri ō tātau whakaaro matapiko, mahi, aronga hoki kia whakaaro kē mō te taiao: me huri mai i ngā umanga he mahi moni noa iho te take e whai hua ai ko te tokoiti anake, ki ngā tūmahi tika mō te painga o te taiao e whai hua ai te oranga o te tokomaha.

WHAKAMUTUA ngā matū whakapara me ngā tāoke KORETAKE me ngā āhuatanga pēnei i te paihana kino te 1080, ngā para mōrearea, pūkōwhai, carcinogenic glyphosate, ngā kirihou kotahi anake te whakamahinga, te torohī wē ki roto o Papatuānuku, te keri tāoke me te raweke ira.

Mā ngā mana hauora e ārahi:

Ko au hei kaitaunaki i te whakamahinga o ngā āhuatanga tāoke-kore rerekē:

Mō te painga o ā tātau tamariki me ngā mea ora KATOA o te Ao:

Me WHAKAMUTU e tātau KATOA te whakakino i tō tātau ao.’





11898882_10153172471753720_8606165956379626479_nMother – Western Bay of Plenty region.

Semi-retired osteopath and has taught holistic health for 15 years.

I have spent my working life caring for people, I will bring that same love of people to working on council.

My background in the health sciences and osteopathy gives me an understanding of how environment affects health and wellbeing. I am able read quickly, understand new information and ask if I don’t know.

I look forward to working as part of a team of clever people who all want the best for our community.

I’m good at seeing all sides to an argument and can work out the best solutions with the long term in mind. No one person can have all the answers, which is why we need a diverse range of people on council who each bring their strengths to represent the whole.

If you think that the environment isn’t important, try holding your breath while you count your money”

Research suggests 80% of chronic disease has an environmental cause

 The cost of polluting our environment ends up loaded on to our community. These costs are never taken into account as part of the problem of environmental toxins, but we pay the price of the resulting health care burden through our DHB’s, the education system and our own poor health. We need to connect the dots and consider long term effects.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers glyphosate causes chromosomal damage and is carcinogenic.

Mixing glyphosate with ‘adjuvants’ increases its toxicity, studies showing ‘complete formulations’ plus GMO foods cause rats to suffer early death, cancerous tumours, and liver and kidney disease.

Council uses it because it’s cheap – I say there is a cost that they can’t see. Council says that people don’t care about chemical toxicity – I say people don’t know how harmful some of these chemicals are. A principle of public law states ‘that if there is a matter of scientific concern, public servants must take that into account’ and ‘Local authorities have a duty of care for the public health’. There is enough research to show that we need to reconsider spraying these chemicals on the road and in school grounds.

New central government legislation proposes to give the District Health Board the decision to fluoridate our water

The research that suggests even low-dose Fluoride is neurotoxic to humans and reduces IQ by several points, is linked with an increase in a deadly form of cancer in teenage boys, affects the thyroid gland disturbing the delicate endocrine balance and metabolism. Fluoride is deadly to fresh water animals in low concentration and is concentrated in waste water.

Hence I will oppose water fluoridation in the bay.Only 5% of our plastic in NZ is recycled, 50% ends up in landfill for thousands of years, the rest has been making its way to the ocean where billions of tonnes of plastic waste is circulating. By 2050, we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean. Animals are dying at an alarming rate because they are feeding plastic to their young.

Let’s start reducing plastics and start taking recycling seriously!

45% of waste going to landfill is food and green waste, which could easily be composted at hope or locally, instantly saving council money and reducing landfill. I think its time that we started cleaning up our nest and local councils need to lead the charge.

Local council finances have changed enormously in the past 30 years:

Central government changed the rules which left local government financially struggling in some areas. Those changes have increased the interest paid to the private banking sector, which of course, falls on the rate payer. We can only expect more changes and we need to be acutely aware of the effect of those changes and be able to lobby effectively for our region.

Council has to balance all the needs of our communities: the requirements of social, economic, environmental and cultural well being.

But everything is underpinned by our environment, without that, we have nothing.

The Bay has incredible opportunities with organic products.

It makes economic sense to go organic – premium prices worldwide, GE free, reduced toxins, workers health is improved, water and soil health is improved, farms and orchards are more sustainable and our children are healthier.

Support our farmers to get off the chemical treadmill – everyone wins.

2014 ~ stood for parliament for Democrats for Social Credit – positive money / social credit

Chairperson for WAVESnz – vaccine damage awareness



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STOP Candidates Confirmed

Tricia Cheel – Northland District Health Board


Meet Tricia at following meetings or phone 027 469 2233 or email

Mangawhai ~ Sunday 4-9-2016 R&R Association @ Recreation Centre, Insley St ~ 1:30pm

Dargaville   ~ Wednesday 7-9-2016 Kaipara Grey Power @  Methodist Church ~ 1pm

Auckland ~ Saturday – 10-9-2016 TPPA Rally Victoria Park ~  1 – 7pm

Whangarei  Sunday 11-9-2016 Whakapara Marae Protest against Toxic Mining  ~ 2pm

Paparoa ~ Monday 12-9-2016 Progressive Paparoa, War Memorial Hall ~ 7:30pm

Maungaturoto ~ Tuesday 13th September ~ Rotary Club, Centennial Hall ~ 7pm

Kaiwaka ~ Wednesday 14th Sept. ~ Kaiwaka Sports Association, 2 Gibbons Rd ~ 7pm

Mangawhai ~ Thursday 15th Sept. ~ Mangawhai Golf Club, 212 Molesworth Dr ~ 7pm

Dargaville ~ Friday 16th Sept. ~ Kaipara Grey Power, Methodist Church ~ 1pm – not for DHB candidates – so apologies . . . :}

Whangarei ~ Wednesday 28th Sept. ~ NZ Nurses Organisation & PSA – Masonic Village Hall, 224 Maunu Rd, Whangarei ~ 5:30pm to 6:45pm

UPDATE ~ Wednesday 14th September

I am feeling rather shocked after the meeting in Maungaturoto last night where there was good support from the ratepayers but the question regarding whether the Northland Regional Councillors favoured fluoridation and 1080 brought out all manner of reckless rednecks with one of the Mayoral candidates wading in with the usual regurgitated spiel from the dentists – soil lacking in  fluoride etc, and then backed up by the other DHB candidate present who started on about ‘disadvantaged children’ only to side-step the question by saying that it was her understanding that but the time the elections are over the decision will already have been made in favour by the DHB!!!!!

I was not allowed a similar amount of time to rebut this nonsense – that there is no disease associated with the lack of fluoride and that it is screened out of breast milk – probably for the very good reason that it is highly  toxic, especially to infants: and that the very children they profess to be helping are the ones that are even more adversely affected by the toxic effects from ethnicity , poor diet and not good dental hygiene.

This is not the Northland I grew up in where everyone took care not to protect their children and everybody else;  and the DDT, smoking etc that was indulged in was out of ignorance of the harm.   That is no excuse now – we all know that 80% of chronic diseases have an environmental cause and I am disgusted that people running for office are prepared to ignore this.

MONSANTO has made astounding claims, and shows it’s arrogance in this article by stating  “Since GE farming and neonicotinoid pesticides are here to stay . . .” and are obviously working full steam ahead to gain even more control over our food supply – more control = more money! ~ read full article here ~ Monsanto’s dastardly plans!

I guess I expected the candidates to be more like the Japanese farmer who couldn’t bear the way his wife was laid flat every time he sprayed his apple orchard and refused to use the chemicals any more whilst he searched for ways to manage without them.   He almost lost his farm, and his life, in the process but now his apples are sold to the queue at his farm gate only – and they don’t decay because they have nothing bad in them!  ~ MIRACLE APPLESread more here.

I hope the people of Northland will have similar fortitude and compassion and VOTE TO STOP TRASHING OUR PLANET ~ for the Sake of Our Children and ALL Life on EARTH!


Macushla Rielly-Obiakor  –  Waikato District Health Board


“I stand for a heart-centred and wiser management of our health & environmental resources. We are living in very complex & changeable times where there is very little transparency and accountability about the decisions that are being made at a local & national level upon things that directly impact upon our well-being.  Most of us are feeling the increased pressures of surviving in an economic climate with neo-liberal policies that are designed to benefit an elite few, we are living in a “corpocracy “rather than a “democracy”.  Profit comes before people.
I had a “wake up”call 15 years ago when my own health crashed. In hindsight I realise that this was being influenced over a longer period of time compounded by environmental toxins. I learned that I had a complex autoimmune condition. I found very little support or knowledge amongst general medical practitioners, neither did any endocrine specialist talk with me about how these toxins were affecting me and how if I made vital changes I could influence my health significantly. This was the start of my own personal journey in unravelling the relationship between my body & our environment.  I stopped drinking our mainstream water supply and changed my whole approach to what I ate.  I had to become my own physician and become knowledgable as fast as I could.
I have lived most of life in New Zealand but for the past 11 years I have travelled in & out of our country & spent extensive periods of time in other countries both in Africa & Europe.  I found every time that my health greatly improved whenever I was outside of my beloved New Zealand and suffered very soon upon re-entry.
I bring with me a varied background in community health, natural health therapies & for the past few years I have been working in health research,  which involves going into a lot of different communities here in New Zealand & persuading people to take part in these population health studies which are to monitor & measure the overall health of New Zealanders. This has reconnected me back to my home country & reinforced my passion about how fundamental our environment is to our whole well-being.
As women we are more vulnerable due to the complexity of our hormonal system, we are constantly being bombarded with unnecessary chemicals in our environment . These are laden with “endocrine disruptors”that can produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological & immune effects in both humans and wildlife.
Studies have shown that 287 foreign chemicals have been detected in babies placentas . The implications of this are hugely significant when we have evidence also that rates of cancers, immune disorders, mental health conditions & learning disabilites are increasing & this is being seen in higher numbers in young children also. This is a huge burden on our health system also.
We cannot continue to gamble with our childrens health & the future of all life on earth. Everything is interconnected and our health is our true wealth.

Lets UNITE together to make a STAND against 1080 drops in our country . This being just one factor amongst many that are poisoning our environment & our overall health.”

+ Maori translation.

STOP has made the process very simple all that is needed is the desire to put a STOP to this continuing poisoning of our children and all living things.    Will you make a stand at the next election maybe?