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Jim Hilton  ~  West Coast Regional Council (WCRC) Buller Constituency.

66 years old. Long time resident of Karamea, 41 years,

Married 15 years to Judith Margaret McNabb.

Four adult children Ashley, Zoe, Sigrid, Tomas, all born on West Coast. Farmed 80 acres at 235 Oparara Road, Karamea, still own 12 acres here. Red deer, fallow deer, beef bulls, sheep, goats, horses, potatos carrots.

Also employed off farm as dairy farm worker, possums, deer, sphagnum moss, offshore fishing, gold mining, carpenter, builder and school teacher on the West Coast.

Educated in Christchurch, Bachelor of Science Biology with honours 1971. Worked as scientist New Zealand Forest Service (NZFS) and Brucellosis Tester MAF in Canterbury 1970’s and farming, mining and carpentry for 8 years Australia 1995 – 2013.    Regional Organiser West Coast branch NZ Deer Farmers Association 1980’s.

Unemployment, excessive red tape and unlocking Conservation areas for coasters instead of jobs for government departments and large corporates are key interests of mine.

My principal place of residence is Karamea.

Email:    Mobile phone/ text:  027 8248 112

I am also seeking election to the West Coast District Health Board (WCDHB)

Conflicts of Interest (COI) are my executive membership of the Ban 1080 Political Party and the Stop Trashing Our Planet (STOP) coalition.

Jim’s address to a Conservation Board meeting :

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa. Thank you for this opportunity to speak again at a Conservation Board meeting.
This is the sixth Conservation Board meeting I have been to and possibly my last because I have now done my time at these meetings.
I have been able to share with you my concerns about 1080 poisoning. My public forum talks are filed in the board minutes and in social media files for anybody to refer back to, if they so choose. My Journey into the world of 1080 poison started forty three years ago as a young scientist working for the New Zealand Forest Service.
I could easily retreat to the academic high ground and refuse to discuss 1080 poisoning with anybody who does not have equal academic qualifications and field experience like myself for I have the right training and field experience.
The people who promote landscape wide broadacre poisoning claim that science is on their side, that there is no alternative to 1080. But science is not on the poisoners side.
The books I have suggested you read spell that out very clearly. The reasons New Zealand is a world leader in environmental poisoning are mainly political and are based on incorrect assumptions about New Zealand’s animal and plant ecology. Power corrupts, total power corrupts totally.
I am standing as a candidate for two local body seats on the West Coast of the South Island for it is here that permissions are granted for the Department of Conservation (DoC) and others to use 1080 and other poisons.
By using loopholes in the Resource Management Act (RMA) New Zealand’s poisoners have avoided proper public consultation.
The advocates of poison listen but do not engage, they put their heads in the sand, they pay lip service only to any public input that gets through. Power corrupts.
New Zealanders were swift to stop France and Britain testing their nuclear weapons in the Pacific ocean. We were outraged when the Rainbow Warrior was sunk by French secret agents. We were equally outraged by the Vietnam war with its use of Agent Orange to defoliate forests in South East Asia.
New Zealanders are equally outraged about 1080 poison. I have tried to negotiate with the New Zealand Government and failed. So have lots of other concerned New Zealander’s from all walks of life. When talking stops one of the only things left are protests and picket lines.
That’s where Clean Conservation is in New Zealand today. In two days time there will be nearly thirty protests nation wide and they will continue until 1080 and similar poisons are no longer used in New Zealand. Any questions.


Wendy Mitchell – Inangahua Ward ~Buller District Council

My home city was Christchurch, but I moved to Buller twenty seven years ago (1989). First to a lifestyle block near Karamea, and now another lifestyle block at Mawheraiti near Reefton. My son was born in Westport and my partner Allan Wilson from Hokitika has spent most of his working life on the West Coast. I have four grand children, Alan has eight grand children. Family life is important for me.

I have nursing training and a Diploma in Massage Therapy from the College of Natural Medicine (two year course Christchurch) and 2 certificates in Lymphatic drainage.
I have worked in the brain injury / strokes department of Burwood Hospital (Christchurch) and at the Palm Grove Aged Care Nursing Home in Christchurch.

In Karamea I worked at the Last Resort (Tourist Hotel / Backpackers / Restaurant).

In Reefton I found employment at Oceana Gold Mine, first as a Day Operator, and after 6 months I was promoted to the position of Fixed Plant Operator where I stayed for almost 10 years passing all exams required. I was the first and only women employed in the plant for the first three years and I was selected as the Plant and Fitters Workers Union Representative (EPMU). This union later combined with the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) to form ETU (STAND UP).
I chaired the floor meetings negotiations for Union members and was then nominated by the Union Reps for National Industry Council Member for EPMU and then ETU. I plan to do a course in Adult Education, Literacy and Numeracy on the West Coast in the near future.

Health, unemployment, conservation and democracy are issues I feel passionate about.
I intend to investigate new ideas to give jobs to Coasters.
I think the voices of people are not being heard by decision makers about important issues that affect peoples lives. I will work to change that.

I want Buller to be genuinely clean, green and pure, and not just pretend to be. I have witnessed the human sickness and inhumane suffering of animals caused by aerial 1080 poisoning and I will work towards having 1080 and other dangerous chemicals banned.

I love living on the West Coast but I don’t think we are managing our Conservation areas in the best interests of the people who live here. I will work hard to change that too.

Email:   if you have any questions about how I could represent you as a Buller District Councillor.


Victoria Bonham  ~ Vincent Council – Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward

Vicki Bonham ~ Vincent Council - Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward

12th August 2016 – ELECTED UNOPPOSED!!!!  BYE BYE 1080!!!

Read below what Vicki will be bringing to the table.


Raewyn Scott ~ Nelson-Marlborough – sadly not got nomination in in time but good on you for trying Raewyn – better luck next time!

Jim Hilton - West Coast Regional Council

Jim Hilton ~ West Coast District Health Board (WCDHB)

66 years old. Long family connections with the West Coast.

My grandfather was Medical Doctor Leslie George Bell at Karamea, Millerton, Greymouth, Hari hari, Whataroa, 1920’s 1930’s.

Mother Beatrice Bell schooled at Hari Hari, Whataroa and Greymouth. My early years were in Christchurch, Father George Robertson market gardener.

Education Christchurch, Bachelor of Science Biology with honours 1971.

I moved to Karamea 41years ago (1975) married 15 years, adult children Ashley, Zoe, Sigrid, Tomas born on West Coast.

Employed in farming, possums, deer, sphagnum moss, offshore fishing, gold mining, carpenter, builder, school teacher on West Coast. As a scientist New Zealand Forest Service (NZFS) and Brucellosis Tester MAF in Canterbury and farming, mining and carpentry for 8 years Australia.

Front line medical staff and the public should have more say about how the WCDHB operates, not CEO’s and top management.

Unnecessary red tape has to go and increased transparency at all levels.

My principal place of residence is Karamea.

email mobile phone, text, 027 8248 112.

I am also seeking election to the West Coast Regional Council (WCRC) Buller Constituency.

Conflicts of Interest (COI) are my executive membership of the Ban 1080 Political Party and the Stop Trashing Our Planet (STOP) coalition.




Wendy Mitchell ~ Buller District Council ~ Inangahua Ward ~ BDC


Victoria Bonham – Vicki ~ Vincent Council – Earnscleugh-Manuherikia Ward

NZ’ers need to Wake Up.  Difficult times are ahead. Never has our wildlife, environment and way of life been under such threat as it is now. Environmental Poisoning, pollution, corruption , untruths , supression , red tape and lack of of fair democratic process threaten our health, wildlife, environment, exports, tourism and the NZ way of life .
Benefitting large corporate overseas business and the already privilleged few at the expense of all NZers.
We must unite and say NO to the upcoming 1080 drops. Banned by nearly every country in the world Nz uses 90 % of the world supply. This poison kills EVERYTHING inflicting cruel indiscriminate death on millions of forest animals, native birds and wildlife, and poisons our waterways.  Hunting, fishing and swimming will be a luxury we’ll no longer have and tourism and export industries will be severley crippled.
Don’t think this wont effect you and your children and animals.   IT WILL!
We all have the right to a clean and healthy environment but sadly we can no longer take it for granted we must fight to protect NZ and the rights of the people and all animals that call NZ home .

Having lived most my life in Central Otago . My extensive rural and business back ground and experience in the animal health and tourism industries, has given me a grass roots understanding of our area and community. I have been deeply involved with charity and community organisations for many years and am a passionate environmentalist and animal rights campaigner

I believe that rural small town communities are the real NZ , that we can be the change we wish to see in this country by leading the way in environmental care, awareness and community health , encouraging local business , creating employment , supporting and valuing our vulnerable and elderly and embracing our youth .
By saying NO to all environmental poisoning and supporting pest control through species specific trapping we create employment and industry and saving our country millions. We must clean up our polluted rivers, raise the standards of environmental and animal welfare and say NO to big corporate bullying.
I appreciate your vote and will respectfully be your voice for a democratic, common sense,
healthier safe environment for your family by saying Yes to health and democracy and No to 1080 and the poisoning of our environment.
I am proud to be affiliated and supported by (STOP ) Stop Trashing Our Planet Coalition.