The government have painted us into a corner with no prospect of getting out of our dilemma for several years. Leaders of both Labour and National have NO Plan B, both strategies employ strict border controls and draconian measures, depending on a vaccine eventually being found.

Vaccines for RNA viruses have never been successful before, witnessed by the fact that after 40 years there is still nothing for HIV-AIDS, and the shortest time to produce simpler products has been over 4 years.

Besides, the very people who are most vulnerable, the elderly, have the lowest response to vaccines.

The OUTDOORS PARTY believes that COVID presents an opportunity to emerge as a country, better and stronger than ever before ~ if we grasp the nettle NOW!


The ARMY pep talk ~

NZ Defence Force on standby if people don’t comply with lockdown

IS mobilising the army the only way to sort out the competing interests?

No more pussy-footing around

The OUTDOORS PARTY have a 3-point plan

To CONQUER COVID . . . in as little as 30 days



    REPEAL THE COVID Health Response Act

  • SUMMER ~ Careful Swedish model unfolds

  • AUTUMN 2021 ~ re-evaluate and adjust components

  • WINTER 2021 ~ back to normal ~ ready for the next ‘flu season ~ in better shape than ever!


#1 Set up a COVID PANEL from a wide cross section of the community.

At present it appears that the government relies upon the advice from the Ministry of Health, which is headed by a former employee of the World Health Organisation, WHO, which has major funding from Bill Gates and his GAVI Foundation:

and influenced by vested interests such as the pharmaceutical companies:

and organisations like the CDC in the USA who have patents for many vaccines despite being a regulatory body as well:

  • The Outdoors Party believes we need a COVID PANEL with independent experts, including the many dissenting voices.

With numerous doctors worldwide challenging the conclusions, and decisions of their governments, and the World Health Organisation, that appears to be calling the shots.:


German Doctor ~Heiko Schoning:

Scottish Doctor ~ Malcolm Kendrick:

  • On this basis I am going to recommend that the best way to protect the vulnerable elderly is to build up immunity in the younger population, in order to stop the spread throughout the whole community. If eighty per cent of the population under seventy were to get infected, this would stop transmission in its tracks, and COVID19 would be gone.
  • Therefore, the proposal is simple. Work out who is most at risk, work out how to keep them shielded, then encourage everyone else to get out there and live their lives as before. Once we have the infection rates sufficiently high to block viral spread, the entire population, including the elderly and vulnerable, can be released to live their lives as before

Australian Doctors ~

New Zealand ~ from COVID Plan B

  • With participants from a wide cross-section of the community, so their concerns and expertise can be considered and evaluated, without censorship by vested interests.

Robert F Kennedy

The Australian’s Economic Editor, Adam Creighton, says one would think Australia would have changed it’s response to COVID-19 over the last six months considering the new knowledge that’s been gained about the virus, yet it hasn’t.


Sanjeev Sabhlokcity ~ “When directed on 9 September 2020 by the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance (the “Treasury”) to remove my direct and indirect social media criticisms of Victoria’s pandemic policies and of the Police State that, in my view, it has become, I decided to not remove my criticisms but, instead, to resign my role in order to even more vigorously protest these policies.

Prof John Gibson, Waikato University, explains the true costs behind NZ’s lockdown. Infections had peaked, so policy impact therefore largely economic, and equivalent to one year lost in average life expectancy.

  • The COVID PANEL would appraise all the conflicting reports, studies and statistics, to determine the true situation, because with the censorship being imposed by the media, it is impossible for people to get accurate, reliable information.

Chief Science advisor to SWEDEN ~

Meanwhile in the USA: It turns out the CDC may have unilaterally changed the rules for reporting in March. A move that may actually be against the law… COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & FederalLaw: A Historical Retrospective”Supportive data comparisons suggest the existing COVID-19 fatality data, which has been so influential upon public policy, may be substantially compromised regarding accuracy and integrity, and illegal under existing federal laws. If the fatality data being presented by the CDC is illegally inflated, then all public health policies based upon them would be immediately null and void.”…

The cost of lockdown was missed diagnosis. A study of a Dunedin primary care clinic found that during lockdown tests and referrals fell by almost 100%. It was likely not quite this bad across the country, but the MoH won’t report the data. Referrals 2019: 17 2020: 0. Lab tests 2019: 61 2020: 1.…/gp-contact-referrals-affected…

Covid-19: Sebastian Rushworth M.D. ~

  • The COVID PANEL would formulate a plan that allows us all to get back to our lives and employment, safely:
  • Such as ~ protecting the vulnerable, whilst the virus ‘gently’ makes it’ way through the younger population.

Several plans have already been proposed – and ignored – the people of New Zealand need to demand that other solutions be investigated than keeping the country in limbo indefinitely while waiting for an unlikely vaccine.

Some examples are:

COVID Plan B ~

Gary Moller’s Great Escape Plan ~

The Great Barrington Declaration for FOCUSED PROTECTION ~

#2 Action Plan ~ Mobilise NATURE’S ARMY


There is now a mountain of evidence to support the use of various natural substances to strengthen the immune system, help ward off the worst effects of the virus and keep a person in better health overall – a no-brainer.

A common factor is that none are truly effective on their own.  None are the magic bullet.  They work together in three’s or fours or more, just like Mother Nature does.  They work synergistically as a team, sometimes requiring only tiny daily amounts.  

The OUTDOORS PARTY do not see the need for a separate entity to oversee the border controls and would ask the COVID Panel to assess the role that CUSTOMS could play, in concert with our PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES and WORKSAFE.

AND for co-operation with the PHS and CIVIL DEFENCE to provide any quarantine deemed necessary by the COVID PANEL

All border personnel would be offered the forces of NATURE’S ARMY to protect themselves ~ as would the vulnerable and indeed the whole TEAM of 5 Million.

The AIMA Journal – Advances in Integrative medicine – has published a rapid review on the literature surrounding the use of a variety of treatments for acute respiratory viral infections you can view the reviews here:

Vitamin D

Darker skins are less efficient at making vitamin D and those people are therefore more susceptible to catching COVID-19 and have a higher rate of death.


Vitamin C

Gary Moller – ex ACC writes:

Why are healthy, athletic young people sometimes struck down by viral infections?

It is well known that high-performance athletes, especially teams when travelling, appear to more vulnerable than others to communicable diseases.  Reasons put forward include chronic stress and exhaustion, sleep deprivation, interruption to eating habits and being in crowded places, including aircraft, airports and close contact with team-mates and other teams.

A less well-known factor is zinc depletion. Zinc is needed for wound and tissue healing, including the prevention of stretch marks,  and for tendon, ligament and cartilage integrity.  Zinc is needed for the production of testosterone. Zinc is lost when sweating.  

When testing the nutrient status of athletes I can say that zinc deficiency is the norm.  Athletes are bottomless pits for nutrients such as zinc.  It is hardly a surprise then when an apparently healthy young athlete falls seriously ill with an infection such as COVIOD19.


Before the Summer rollout of the careful Swedish model, the elderly and other vulnerable people would also be offered other prophylactic and protective measures.

I see that Anthony Fauci takes 6000iu of Vitamin D and in addition, Vitamin C. 

Zippo from the NZ MOH, or Ms Ardern’s inner circle.

Since many elderly people are not that comfortable with high tech devices, a more workable system of tracking could be their own diaries being stamped by wherever they visit, and so they can then fill in as they wish also with their more personal contacts.

  • SUPPORT CIVILIAN bystanders by identifying people who are vulnerable, or do not wish to be part of the careful spread, and therefore wish others to keep their distance.

The OUTDOORS PARTY feel that it is only necessary for vulnerable people to follow the WORKSAFE guidelines and use whatever PPE they need to make them feel safe:

and for others to respect that by keeping their distance.

People may choose to wear masks, and identifying bands, but ODP would not make them mandatory.

The Science of Masks ~

A CDC study found people with Covid19 were twice as likely to have been out to eat or drink than those not infected. Go figure: socialising exposes you to other people, yuk. What is surprising is that the risk is not higher. Note that the study found wearing a mask in public made no difference.

  • Sustain the BATTLE-HARDENED TROOPS to be ready 24/7

As well as supplementation, the Outdoors Party would remove the GST off all organic produce to make them more affordable and therefore accessible to all New Zealanders.

The Outdoors Party will integrate natural and traditional medicine and health advice into the Public Health System so that the Ministry of Health will be able to issue reliable and practical information on other measures people may employ to enhance their resistance to infection include.

In his treatise Gary Moller writes:

Our Immune System When it comes to COVID19, the difference between life and death depends on just how good your immune system is.

Battle-hardened troops are the best. When it comes to war we don’t want soft new recruits who have been confined to barracks and armed with popguns.  Our immune system, like our muscles, gets stronger with use.  The way we strengthen our immune system, other than feeding and equipping it, is to exercise it and to exercise it constantly.  We expose it to lesser opponents than the really nasty and formidable killers that it will one day have to confront.  With practice, it gets better and better.  It gets very tough and very smart.

We do this by exposing our bodies to everyday bugs including minor infectious diseases like the common cold, soil, animals and even seasonal influenza.  One caveat: we expose ourselves to these when we are fit and well, not when we are stressed and run down.

You might gather that there is a contradiction here with the official advice to be obsessive with hygiene.  Actually, some of the chemicals in all of those cleaners people are spraying and wiping all over the place, such as chlorine, are immunosuppressive and even carcinogenic.  These are not for me.  I’m sticking to old-fashioned soap.

  • To be ready in 30 days for a controlled spread of SARS-COV-2 to build up immunity in the community before the winter flu season of 2021, and to tackle risk factors.
  • Age – LOL!
  • Vaccines – stats – don’t work well in the elderly.
  • Determine if infection is aggravated by flu vaccines or other pharmaceuticals such as Ibuprofen ~ already not recommended: Paracetamol? ACE inhibitors? Statins. ARBS?
  • Obesity
  • Sugar
  • Junk food – place extra GST on sugar and junk food
  • Toxic chemicals – 1080, glyphosate, hand sanitisers, fluoride ~ remove all unnecessary toxic and polluting substances ad practices ASAP.
  • Inquiry into geo-engineering.
  • Remove the GST on all organic food and remedies.
  • Environmental hazards – moratorium on 5G, masks.
  • Fear, Panic, Stress
  • Smoking
  • Pollution
  • Ventilators

IMMUNITY ~ does it develop from having COVID and how long does it last?

Big Question answered: It turns out that the antibodies you make when you get Covid19 protect you for many months, like most other viruses.…/2020-10-sars-cov-antibodies…

  • Have triage ready to treat any casualties with protocols researched by the COVID PANEL:

Many treatment protocols are claimed to be successful and yet appear to be being suppressed or ridiculed by others – maybe because of their vested interests in vaccines?

Intravenous vitamin C ~

Hydroxychloroquine reduced COVID deaths by 75% ~

Z-Pack ~

Ivermectin + doxycycline AB + zinc – with caution . . .already trying to shut it down???

“Referring to a pre-official release of a randomised controlled trial using Ivermectin in three doses in primary contacts of COVID-19, Dr. Manikappa said that 93 % of primary contacts who received Ivermectin did not develop any symptoms and 58 % of primary contacts who did not receive Ivermectin did progress to have symptoms of the pandemic.”

Ivermectin promoted ~ unreservedly;

Reseach on Ivermectin

Cannabinoids ~ CBD ~



Thiamine, heparin, VIt C, HDXCH, Zinc,

Dr. Seheult’s Daily Regime – Fit D,C,Zinc, Quercetin,NAC

Critical care, internist ~

Plasma therapy ~ . . .




Olive Leaf extract

Colloidal silver

  • Roll out a careful form of the SWEDISH model after 30 days ~ unless the findings of the COVID PANEL suggest otherwise.
  • Numerous eminent professors of virology, epidemiology, pulmonology etc have said from the beginning that this is just another seasonal virus; that the best strategy is to allow the healthy to develop natural immunity and protect the vulnerable – i.e. do what we’ve always done.  

The response of Prof Alexander Kekulé, chair of Medical Microbiology and Virology of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, is typical 

‘Infect the young and protect others at risk’.

The Outdoors Party favour Gary Moller’s Concluding remarks

If we are to wage a successful war on COVID19, if we are to open our borders to the rest of the world, then we must ensure that every member of the Team of Five Million has a robust immune system.  We must not put all of our eggs in one basket, waiting for the miracle drug to rescue us.  To do so is madness and liable to fail.    What I am describing here is common sense and it is not rocket science to comprehend.

We must do this during the Summer months when the transmission of viruses is seasonally low and weak.  We want “safe spread” to happen during the Summer months.

  • Cautiously and gradually begin to open our borders ~ This can begin as soon as one month after Steps 1 and 2 have been in place and executed.
  • The intention is to gently waft COVID19 into and through New Zealand, especially among the fit and healthy, so as to build increasing viral resistance within the population (herd immunity).  
  • As with all viral pandemics, the virus will weaken over time, it will eventually burn out and become yet another background disease that we will learn to live with.  This plan assists the process in a way that minimises harm and death.
  • While this gradual process of opening up of our borders happens, maintain extra protections for the elderly and the immune-compromised, including prophylactic treatment, if required.

Super Spreaders ~ We want the virus to gently make its way through the population so that it is perfectly manageable by our health services.  

The best way and time for a person to be exposed is via a small viral dose and not a large one and at a time when a person is rested and in robust health.  

The risk profile for measures such as supplementing the population with, say, 2,000 IU of vitamin D or 15 mg of zinc is as good as zero-ridiculous.  Everyone will just be healthier!

The health benefits that accrue from improving the nutritional status of the population are immeasurable in terms of reduction in just about all diseases and improvements in quality of life, productivity (such as less time off work from illness) and longevity.  The savings will amount to billions of dollars.

Even if the Government decided to continue the current testing-isolation-lockdown policy, while waiting for the “miracle drug” that may never come, most of the measures detailed here can still be implemented with huge benefits to the country.

So let’s make the call to action – NOW!  It is time to put our escape plan into action.  If we moan, dither and delay any longer, the chance to escape may be lost and there may only be ruins left for our children to inherit by the time we are released.

#3 Long Term Solutions

Once the threat is over we still need to BE PREPARED for future epidemics or pandemics while we address the fundamental problems COVID has highlighted.

As Dr Jane Goodall has said ~
We brought it (COVID-19) on ourselves by disrespecting nature.

WE need to recognise that our best interests as human beings are served when we align ourselves with Nature on her terms  in all our pursuits and endeavours.  Aligned in this way we experience all the positive qualities of harmony, stability, sustainability, economic abundance inherent in Nature.

The OUTDOORS PARTY have the policies to minimise the risk of unnatural and abusive conditions and treatment producing evermore serious diseases.

  • AGRO-ECOLOGY ~ organic regenerative agriculture to restore our soils, produce safe, wholesome, uncontaminated, nutrient dense food and honour the whole web of life.

Corporate chemical agriculture and Covid-19 ~

  • LOCALISM ~ putting the power and control back in the hands of local communities because they know how best to mobilise their own resources.
  • CIVIL DEFENCE CENTRES in every neighbourhood would become multipurpose and able to respond to any emergency with capacity to not only supply food and water but also distribute the health and hygiene advice in the case of epidemics or pandemics, and help provide isolation and quarantine facilities if necessary. THE COPPER NETWORK would be retained so that emergency responses were not dependent on high tech solutions that are based overseas, and therefore not under local control – building resilience into our local responses rather than enslaved by UN protocols and influence.
  • HEALTH ~ to foster people with strong immune systems who don’t need constant, and expensive visits to doctors because they have accessible and affordable wholesome food, pure water, clean air and a thriving community to fully sustain them. If they do fall ill they will be able to have the treatment of their choice at integrated health centres, not just offered pharmaceutical drugs. This will save millions of dollars from the health budget.

Integrative health centres so people have a real choice of treatments. These must also start allowing for nutritional deficiencies which are presently largely overlooked and which can have a dramatic effect on survival rates and incidences of diseases.

  • EDUCATION ~ children will no longer be encouraged to have callous disregard for life.
  • FINANCE ~ by increasing the health of the population so substantially and dramatically, we can expect enormous savings in the health budget, including the mental health field, as well as fewer accidents, and greater productivity.
  • Localism will see the rural communities thrive and reduce pressure on housing in urban areas, as well as dependence on social services.
  • LEGAL / POLITICAL ~ create a people’s constitution by the people, for the natural person, and enforced by the people.
  • No forced medical treatments or procedures


Beware the Brainwashing Campaign Coming Our Way?

Yale Uni conducting a trial to maximise uptake of COVID 19 vaxx ~  Systemic Effects of Moderna’s mRNA Vaccine ~

The only way the new Govt can exit the Covid trap they set is to deliver a vaccine. This article explains why the thing they deliver won’t be what most people think of as a vaccine. It is likely only to prevent mild symptoms, not serious ones, nor death.

The writing was on the wall in 2017 . . . Moderna will not ‘quit until we are done and have impacted patients’ . . . good or bad?
  • What’s different about these more recent pandemics? They’re directly linked to the “intensive confinement of animals” in factory farms, according to the Journal of Public Health Policy.  Read More

Follow the money!


Questioning COVID – loads of videos on various aspects of COVID


Tinder’ build up in Sweden:

8/10/2020 Dr Simon Thornley on Green Planet fm ~ Statistics.

8/10/2020 ~ Lockdowns likely to prolong the epidemic.


11/10/ 2020 Another Flip-flop from WHO:




It seemed a truth universally acknowledged that the human population had no pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2, but is that actually the case? Peter Doshi explores the emerging research on immunological responses

Could pre-existing immunity be more protective than future vaccines? Without studying the question, we won’t know.

This study not yet peer-reviewed but VERY INTERESTING:

“Using diverse assays for detection of antibodies reactive with the SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) glycoprotein, we demonstrate the presence of pre-existing humoral immunity in uninfected and unexposed humans to the new coronavirus. SARS-CoV-2 S-reactive antibodies were readily detectable by a sensitive flow cytometry-based method in SARS-CoV-2-uninfected individuals and were particularly prevalent in children and adolescents.”

We also know from statistical analysis worldwide, that in every jurisdiction the growth curve of infection was decaying at a constant rate from day #1. It was not exponential, giving us a very strong indication that there was pre-existing immunity in the population.

A SUMMARY of some of the FALSE NARRATIVES ~ and rebuttals of them.


Doctors speaking out against the tyranny ~