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Food Safety

The Select Committee for the Food Safety Law Reform Bill is sitting in Parliament and Tricia Cheel had managed to hurriedly put through her objections to it before the elections so was pleased to be able to front up to them – over the phone – on Thursday 20th October  in a 10 minute session.   Because there was so much ground covered and not much time left for questions the committee, chaired by Ian McIver asked that she send in a transcript if possible, so here it is – with the addition of a couple of cartoons because a picture’s worth a thousand words?

11am Thursday 20th October 2016 – Ministry of Primary Industries Food Safety Law Reform Bill – Select Committee

Good morning – I am Tricia Cheel – and as a convener of the coalition, STOP Trashing Our Planet, I am here to represent not only myself and my family, but also the 7 to 10,000 people who voted for STOP in the recent local body elections. I believe many more would have responded to our platform if given the opportunity.

WE have just marked World Food Day on Sunday 16th October in support of the Citizen’s Tribunal – the People v. Monsanto – held in The Hague; to hold Monsanto accountable for ecocide and crimes against humanity because world governments and courts have failed to protect us from them and other corrupt extravagant profiteering corporate activities that poison our food air, water and soils; buy off regulatory agencies, politicians and doctors; finance fraudulent scientific studies; discredit independent scientists and manipulate the media in order to brainwash the public. . . and that’s just for starters! We want you to stand up to these greedy corporates and see ALL UNNECESSARY toxic and polluting substances and practices banned: for the sake of our children and ALL life on earth.

It doesn’t make sense to destroy any part of the living world when we have already lost 50% of wildlife in the past 40 years and are in the middle of the 5th or 6th great extinction that has been recorded. And besides, why take the inherent risks of using such substances and practices when there is no need to?

As the co-ordinator of Friends of Sherwood for the past 26 years, I know that glyphosate & other toxic chemicals are totally UNNECESSARY for urban weed control – for instance. We are a community group formed in June 1990 to prevent our local playground from being poisoned with Roundup. From the playground we extended out activities to include the whole park, and then the surrounding streets, until in 1996 we had council contracts to manage the whole of East Coast Bays until rudely bumped aside by the hotwater system. FOS have also planted 30,000 natives along the stream bank to improve the water quality with an Infrastructure Auckland grant matched by NSCC in a half-million $ project that did not use a drop of Roundup / or glyphosate! It can be done and must be done! We have worked hard to have a beautiful and healthy neighbourhood in which to live, as free as possible of toxic chemicals, waste and other pollution; and I see no reason why the rest of New Zealand shouldn’t enjoy the same benefits.

20 years ago I was co-founder of the Fluoridation Information Network or F.I.N. – because once you have ALL the information you’ll want an END to fluoridation:
because I have always seen it as a violation of our right to choose what we put into our own bodies – our personal sovereignty – that my father and grandfather thought they risked their lives to defend in World Wars I & II.

However it wasn’t until this very day 4 years ago – on 20th October 2012 – when I suddenly stopped drinking Auckland’s fluoridated tap water – totally – that I discovered just how badly fluoride had blighted my life for 35 years since moving to Auckland in 1977: And previously at Glendowie College in 1967 – the year Auckland began putting this highly toxic industrial waste product, from the filthy chimneys of the phosphate fertiliser factories, into the pubic water supply: And as I floundered through 3 years at the new Auckland Medical School. It explains why I felt perfectly fine in the holidays, back home in non-fluoridated Dargaville. I won’t bore you with all the details except to say that within a day or two of not drinking the tap water at all, I experienced a tremendous improvement in my health and well being, and numerous other symptoms improved and even disappeared totally. If you are further interested, my experience is written up on the Fluoridation Information Network’s FB page of the same name, under the picture of a sinking battleship – because that’s how I felt. So naturally I want to know if any food or beverage offered for sale is prepared with fluoridated water: just as those with peanut allergies need to know if there is even a hint of nuttiness in their food too: because their life may depend on it.

I want to know about all the other things that I have asked for too because in June 2015 the 100 millionth chemical was registered with CAS – Chemical Abstracts Services. On average CAS has registered 1 substance every 2.5 minutes over the past 50 years. (Started in 1965 as a project to uniquely identify and track chemical substance information, the CAS Registry system is the only complete and accurate source of unique identifiers, known as CAS Registry Numbers for all organic and inorganic substances disclosed in scientific publications and other reputable sources. )

CAS claims that: “With no signs that chemical innovation is slowing, the current pace of substances added to the CAS REGISTRY over the next 50 years would suggest registration of more than 650 million new chemical substances . . . and that number may well be significantly higher.” Many of these new chemicals are not robustly tested for safety and none in combination with the other 99,999,999 or more substances. This is alarming given that with an LD 50 of arsenic, 50% of lab rats will die: and same with an LD50 dose of lead; but when given together 100% will die – the synergistic effect.

We have just marked 15 years since 9/11 and the NZ Herald ran an article describing the ‘Second Wave of Killers’ as those at Ground Zero are now developing debilitating and lethal conditions from the exposure to that toxic soup. If we make the comparison with a study in 2005 where the Red Cross found 287 foreign chemicals in the placentas of new born babies. It should ring alarm bells that the first environment a foetus encounters, the mother’s body, is so contaminated. This is a soup just as toxic as that at Ground Zero: and even more dangerous because a foetus is even more susceptible to such things as endocrine disruption and geno-toxicity than the grown-ups at 9/11. I am convinced that the soaring rates of diseases are from our own health 9/11 where the population has been exposed to wave after wave of killers such as DDT, PCB’s, Agent Orange, dioxins, cadmium, mercury & lead etc; but also 60 years of 1080 poison 50 years of fluoride in Auckland alone; 40 years of glyphosate; increasing traffic pollution and more and more use of more and more chemicals in air, food, water; and the tremendous increase in plastics and other products emitting and leaching VOCs and other poisons; and the all the household and personal formulations, prescripton drugs even, that cannot possibly be tested in all the myriad combinations and permutations that we are all now exposed to.

We don’t have to look far to explain the 40% increase in childhood cancers in the UK in 16 years: nor the 59% increase in breast cancers in women under 45 in New Zealand in 13 years: and that concerns me greatly considering the Minister for Food Safety was asked, over 2 years ago, to ensure that GE soy was labelled: and now she has fallen victim herself to years of negligence by successive governments in not protecting us all from this contamination and degradation of our air, water and food; and the whole eco-system that our good health depends upon: I was told that this minister has in fact gone to Germany for treatment and if this is true, I hope this government needs is prepared to send any of us who want to, to Germany also for treatment – since it appears our own health system is inadequate or overburdened already? – and since most of us could not afford to go otherwise – if that is indeed where the best chance of recovery lies.

It is not just our health system buckling under the strain of this toxic load on the living world, but also the environment itself – that we depend upon :
not only is there predicted to be a three-fold increase in Alzheimers by 2050: if we continue on as usual there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050: The Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) has already fallen below the ‘safe’ level of change of 90%; Which all spells disaster for our ‘Rockstar economy’, because it is impossible to have a thriving economy if too many people fall sick and the environment collapses. This is a veritable tsunami of death and disease which will make the Minister of the Environment’s RAT PLAGUE OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS pale into insignificance: And indeed the Minister of Conservation’s drastic plan to have a predator Free NZ by 2050 will no doubt ensure another wave of killers from the massive increase in the already disastrous use of 1080 and other poisons: I suspect this is also ‘softening the public up’ to make GE ‘acceptable’: and GE can be expected to cause yet another killer wave in NZ: if it isn’t already from the unlabelled products that have made their way into our diet.

To make my final point, and return to the matter in hand – since having children I have always tried to eat and live as naturally as possible; using non-toxic products where ever I could etc, but organic food always appeared to be a luxury I couldn’t afford to buy much of. However since realising just how much damage even a glass of contaminated water could do to me, I have gradually bought more and more organic food – and was amazed when I switched to organic flour that the next Fielder’s sponge I baked – with organic eggs as well, of course – tasted just like those we used to make as a treat, growing up in the 50‘s & 60’s.

Considering the recipe uses just 2 teaspoons of flour it was a very sobering reminder to me to keep as far away as possible from all the artificial components now contaminating our food supply; and I hope it will spur you on to make my quest for better health possible by insisting on a comprehensive description of what is contained in any so-called food or beverage; how and where it is produced; by whom; when; what was used in producing and processing it; and warning labels on the possible harm it may do to the various targeted consumers; especially the young , the old, and the sick; just as now happens with the possibility of contamination by peanuts.

Even better would be to ban any non-natural – that is ‘non-food’ – ingredients presently masquerading as, and being sold as ‘food’.

Thank you. I welcome your questions or enquiries. Tricia Cheel

With reference to the question from Richard Prosser – whether the proposal to put a scannable label on products that could give the detailed information I am requesting: it would help in my quest for healthy food but unfortunately won’t address the pressing health problems that are crippling our health system because many people are unaware of the dangers and / or don’t care.

Just as with cigarettes, these damaging non-foods should have plain packaging with large graphic pictures of the health dangers people risk from ingesting them. Regulators have sacrificed public health and safety to corporate greed and profits for far too long – it is time to stand up for the public good.

References FYI:

CAS Registers 100millionth chemical

The Fluoride Effect


Here are the original hurried suggestions for this bill – showing that it is more important to just get it in and ask to speak, because you then have time to tidy it up or expand the message.

Item of business : Food Safety Law Reform Bill

Submission name : Patricia CHEEL

I am not a lawyer nor can I afford one to browse through this bill so I must rely on the committee’s understanding of the relevant legislationnt to consume any canola oil or palm oil etc.

And I want to know if the ‘natural’ flavours really are from natural sources or manufactured as ‘nature identical’.
I want to know that all food at risk of pesticide residue is tested regularly and labelled as such:
and I want to know what pesticides have been used in the production of any food
the maximum residue levels have not been met

because I want to be able to gauge for myself whether to risk the combinations have been employed.
I want to know if any food has been fumigated and with what and when and where.

including glyphosate because despite the EPA’s refusal to recognise the danger, it affects me badly.

I want to know that these regulations are properly enforced because I have been caught out too many times assuming that all irradiated food
would be labelled only to find it isn’t in some shops.

I want to make sure that organic producers are not burdened with any unnecessary regulations because they have already shown that they care about the land
and the people they may nourish and they should be given every support to get their produce to people as easily and quickly as possible to retain the goodness
and make for the healthiest possible population.

We cannot have a healthy economy without a healthy population and since organically produced food is the healthiest I want this committee to make sure this bill
doesn’t impede organic farmers and producers in any way: whilst being very vigilant with any food produced by poisons and dodgy processes like irradiation and fumigation,

and from countries with suspect food practices.
I have found that grapes from Chile for instance often affect my breathing even when I have washed them thoroughly.

I think that just about sums it up . . . for now.


Monsanto Tribunal & World Food Day

After the elections and 1080 National Day of Protest we realised that the Monsanto Tribunal would be meeting in The Hague, Netherlands, in next weekend, and determined that this should not go unmarked in Auckland, so organised a rally for WORLD FOOD DAY at Britomart in Downtown Auckland.

Since registrations were a bit slow STOP Trashing Our Planet took a stall at the BePure Live Well Festival at The Cloud on Queens Wharf, just opposite in the hope of drumming up some support – but what a disaster!    Saturday was a washout with wind and rain and even on Sunday the wind kept up an signs kept flying everywhere!


However the truckosaurus gave all a great introduction to The Cloud and Imi Tovia from Avondale Gardeners, and Bethine from Soil & Health came and transported the banner, signs and sound system over the road and joined Lisa Er from GE Free NZ and Steffan Browning , Green MP for  the occasion.


Lisa addressed the crowd that gathered and later at The Cloud spoke of New Zealand’s GE Free status and how that is under threat.


Later the ‘Lemon Lady’ arrived – because Monsanto is a lemon:  and Penny Brightt filmed Steffan Browning talking about the EPA and what is need to get glyphosate off our streets and out of our food.  Penny posted her video on You Tube where it was later removed for ‘breaching community standards’ . . .  view it on our FB page!

Later Steffan came over to The Cloud where our attempts to drum up another audience for his important message was thwarted by ‘management’  . . . ho hum  . . . and he’d flown all the way from Blenheim!


Hudson was a hit though!!!




1080 National Day of Protest

Saturday 8th October – Election Day

Pete Lusk handed back his treasured Old Blue Award from Forest & Bird in protest against their support of 1080 poison; so when he called for a National Day of Action against this cruel poison the lest the rest of us could do was get out there in force!


We held a noisy protest outside the DOC Visitors’ Centre at the end of Princes Wharf in Downtown Auckland where ALL Creatures Great and Small gathered for a Mad Hatters’ Tea Party and were treated to a rare performance by the post punk act see so many people prepared to make a stand!

2-4-6-8 We don’t want your poisoned bait!

img_2526All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

1080 kills them all!

It kills them in the for-est

They fall screaming from the trees

And if DOC drops enough of it

They’ll even kill the bees!

Contact us to join in the next action against this inhumane and ineffective poison.




Election Roundup

. . . . to be completed ASAP.

Still working to bring you the final results

and an analysis of what that means for STOP Trashing Our Planet.

But initially can say that overall we gained 7- 10,000 votes, depending on how it is calculated, which is a very pleasing result from just 8 positions.

Victoria Bonham has been elected unopposed for Vincent – so we calculate that represents about 3,000 voters?

Wendy Mitchell just missed out by less than 30 votes for Buller DC

Jim Hilton just missed by one place in both the Westport RC and DHB

Tracy Livingston-Pooley in BOP – results coming

Macushla Rielly-Obiakor for Waikato DHB – results coming

Tricia Cheel – 2024 votes for Mayor for Auckland – is quite chuffed that for the $500 spent go t4 votes per dollar whilst successful Phil Goff is reputed to have spent in excess of $500,000 for his 180,000 votes which equates to over $2 per vote!

For the Northland DHB – not sure how to calculate votes but after the 6th iteration gained 1,500?

The coalition will now evaluate and re-assess where to go from here – so if you want to be part of that discussion just let us know by getting in touch through the ‘Contact’ page.




#HelpHudson Sniff Out One Million Non-Voters!

Our SECRET WEAPON in the war against APATHY  unleashed today!


#HelpHudson to help sniff out all those non-voters who could still change the face of Auckland to make it a safer place for all of us – especially gorgeous beasts like him.

#VoteSTOP Trashing Our Planet is not getting the media coverage and has no money or power or influence – but these NON-VOTERS could bestow their mandate on our plan to MAKE AUCKLAND THE HEALTHIEST, KINDEST & HAPPIEST CITY – in the WORLD!      Read about STOP policies here.

#HelpHudson find these non-voters so he can tell them his story!   14517373_10154579794099904_7245055713849568293_n

STOP’s vision is to BAN ALL UNNECESSARY toxic & polluting substances & practices  . . . but many people throw up their hands in horror at all the weeds they imagine would take over the city.          #HUDSON’sMessage to voters and non-voters alike is, that in Quebec there is a town that has banned pesticide use within their boundaries for many years – and NOT ONE PERSON HAS DIED FROM RAMPAGING WEEDS!!!

A town called . . . . . HUDSON!

We can do it too – but #VoteSTOP needs YOUR VOTE – POSTED by WEDNESDAY – or dropped into your local library by 12 noon Saturday 8th October.

If you know of any non-voters – particularly large groups of them – just text me  now and HUDSON will try to drop in on them just as soon as he possibly can – 027 469 2233 . .  . :}

AUSA Bunfight


This seemingly innocuous scene at the Shadows Bar at Auckland University on Monday night turned into a right bunfight when at the end of a lively debate David Hay,  who had arrived just a few minutes earlier, went to take the microphone from me as I was finishing my 30 seconds of why people should vote for STOP.

Suddenly from nowhere a shriek of orange flew in from the right and shouted him down:

“You don’t deserve to be here.   You sold us out to Phil Goff”, fellow mayoral candidate, Alazix Heneti kept shouting and grabbed the microphone off  him in a tussle that lasted a good few minutes and provided a riotous finish to an otherwise interesting meeting with an audience obviously quite partisan for Chloe Swarbrick.    I hadn’t picked up in the Herald that morning that David  had stepped out of the race, although he can’t officially, in deference to Phil Goff.

I had arrived just in time and been seated at the end after Adam Holland, Auckland Legalise Cannabis, had jumped into the pouffe someone had hunted up for me, but was happy enough to pull up a speaker instead . . . but not so happy to follow his increasingly  inane offerings and crude gestures as one jug after went dow his hatch.   Not a good advertisement for  legalising cannabis I’d say!

However had some good discussions afterwards and it was refreshing to see the active interest displayed compared to the Massey corporate sausage factory where the students all sat politely consuming the BS without question.

And that’s where I wanted to start my 2 minute intro with Tim’s Bullshit and Jellybeans back in the times of the Vietnam War and  hoped to inspire the students to pitch into this election with the passion, intensity and indeed the ferocity that was shown against the Springbok tours and also resulted in a Nuclear Free New Zealand.

To say that this election will either consolidate 2 terms of more corporate BS, with jellybeans scattered at our feet to sweeten the bitter pills; and may be the last opportunity to end this egotistical, extravagant, greedy, profiteering corporate disaster, that has increased poverty and homelessness, waste and other pollution, social disintegration, environmental destruction and ultimately is hurling us towards extinction; which the TPPA will accelerate – again to remind them that Phil Goff was the only Labour MP to vote for the TPPA and  to remember also the betrayal by labour of 1984.

However the Shadows Bar is aptly named and it was way too dark to read so I  had to wing it and started with the REVIEW in the Herald on Sunday about 911 and The Second Wave of Killers describing how those caught up in Ground Zero are now facing another blow as ill health strikes from exposure to the toxic soup from that disaster.

This of course is mirrored in the increasing rates of cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimers, allergies etc that New Zealand is experiencing also as we reap the harvest of:

60 years of 1080 poison

50 years of fluoride in our water

and 40  years of glyphosate

not to mention the history of DDT, 24-D, 2,4,5-T, asbestos, PCBs,

and that of the nitrates reaching our aquifers from fertilisers and feeding cows on palm kernel.

The deadly harvest shows itself in 59% increase in breast cancers in women under 45 in 13 years;

40% increase in childhood cancers in the UK in 16 years

3 fold increase in Alzheimers’ by 2050 with the news that particles of traffic pollution have been found in the brains of such victims

287 foreign chemicals found in the placentas of new born babies

93% of urine samples testing positive for glyphosate ( 100% in Germany)

50%of wildlife lost in the past 40 years

AND by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean


This will not only overwhelm an already overstretched health budget but threatens the whole economy since we can’t have a healthy economy if people are too sick to work.

We all put forward our solutions for homelessness, housing, traffic congestion, transport and sustainability and at the end had 30 seconds to sum up  why people should vote for us.

IN the ending ruckus I don’t know that my message was received that I saw the big difference between myself and STOP compared to all the others was that we propose to put the power more and more into the hands of the people through local-catchment-community-based pilot project that could be rolled out to the rest of the city, even with government contributing once we have shown the savings to the health, welfare, police and ACC budgets;

from lifting the toxic burden off the living world by banning all UNNECESSARY toxic and polluting substance and practices:

cutting traffic congestion through carpooling and having local jobs done by local people through local-catchment-comunity schemes:

to develop a blueprint for an ORGANIC CITY by 2020;

based on sound ecological principles rather than the egotistical corporate model that presently holds sway . . . etc.

How much of this got through I may never know but they did promise it would be live streamed, and since there was a technical hitch that prevented that, they have assured everybody that it will be posted sooner or later here – AUSA Anti-Debate  – a show not to be missed if they haven’t edited all the drama out at the end!




Tricia CHEEL’s address to Long Bay Okura Great Park Society

There was a great turnout for the candidates meeting in Browns Bay today – Sunday 25th September – with 7 Mayoral candidates attending given 3 minutes to convince the residents to vote for them.   Usually I wing it but have realised that it is better to prepare a talk that covers the ground as effectively as possible . . . so here is what I said – with a bit more detail on the actual BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC CITY by 2020.

Hi everybody.   I’ve supported the Great Park from the very beginning and always will; and I ask that this time YOU support me as the only candidate with a comprehensive viable alternative to the egotistical, extravagant, greedy corporate profiteering that inevitably increases poverty, homelessness, waste and other pollution, social disintegration, environmental disasters and ultimately extinction.

(At this point the audience chuckled in relief that it wasn’t something worse coming?)

When you vote don’t forget labour’s betrayal of 1984 and be assured that the TPPA will only accelerate the corporate control of our lives;  and Phil Goff was the only Labour MP to vote for it.

( Here Phil confirmed that this was true.)

With any other candidate it will be business 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as usual because the structure of council is inherently egotistical, greedy, extravagant, wasteful and corrupt:   and attempts to make it honest, or kind, or efficient with less waste and duplication are futile because the EGO pyramidal structure is simply dog eat dog in the scramble to the top; with efficient philanthropy , lots of spin doctors and even outrageous and outright lies to sanitise their image.

STOP is offering a radical change of direction; a sharp turn to the left;  a change of mindset from EGO to ECO; to an ecologically sound model of governance that helps everyone enjoy a good life full of opportunity.

Not something I can fully explain in 3 minutes but suffice to say that the groundwork has already been laid with comprehensive catchment management plans throughout Auckland which will form the basic unit of management for local-community-catchment-based pilot schemes to involve the whole community in identifying what the crucial issues are for them to tackle creatively, with innovative and integrated funding streams.   A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to grow community from the ground up.

Catchment-based models provide an provide an easy way to monitor and gauge improvements in traffic, waste and other pollution, sickness, crime and even happiness:   to quantify  savings to health, police, ACC, welfare and other budgets so the government may be expected to contribute as the proven models are rolled out through the whole region by 2019 and following this period of transition a BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC CITY can be realised by 2020.

I will enlarge this blueprint here on this blog but obviously didn’t have time to do so in my address.

This is putting power back in the hands of the people, with local jobs for local people, and growing a sense of identity and belonging for each individual neighbourhood.    The Governing body needs to initially lift the toxic burden off the living world by turning off the fluoride tap, banning carcinogenic glyphosate, cruel 1080 and all UNNECESSARY toxic and polluting substances and practises = HAPPIEST CITY.

This alone will resulting a tremendous improvement in health and vitality as I myself experienced when I simply stopped drinking the fluoridated tap water totally in 2012.  Council will only buy uncontaminated food and water and corporate sponsorship will be removed sequentially from all public venues and events so we are not giving children mixed messages about alcohol, drugs, junk food, gambling and other harmful products or practices.    Government will be approached to replace this sponsorship ( or ‘efficient philanthropy‘ corporates use to sanitise their image) by levying rightful taxes on big businesses who presently escape them.  Police recommendations on licensing hours will be adopted rather than those from the ‘hospitality’ industry. DHB’s and the Medical School will be invited to monitor health: police already monitor crime stats;  and traffic pollution can be extrapolated from vehicle movements.    Expect less obesity, Alzheimers, breast cancer. allergies, asthma, crime and even better mental health and happiness = HEALTHIEST CITY.

Homelessness will be a priority because if government won’t act sufficiently, as a compassionate community we cannot stand by and see precious children and other vulnerable people suffer.   Just as the policeman who allowed people into a  soccer stadium that could not fit them all in the UK,  and many were crushed to death, I regard it as criminal for the government to continue to push immigrants into Auckland when there are already too many people without suitable accommodation.   I will negotiate ‘manageable immigration’ with government.

At the same time there are many houses unoccupied in Auckland and it may be that there are sufficient to not have to moderate new arrivals.   Owners of vacant properties could be offered an ‘amnesty’, much like that done recently for dog owners,  and given time to put their case as to why their property is not available.    Council may take the roll of brokering rentals to allay owners concerns about letting out their properties, ( The carrot) but where it is obvious an investment situation, sitting on houses for capital gain, then it may be regarded as a ‘business’ and the properties rated accordingly – and may even be prohibited in residential areas. (The stick)

The third measure to address housing issues is for those in state housing areas to be able to purchase these properties, presently being sold to property developers for $20-30K below market value.    Instead that is used as an interest-free loan for a deposit and mortgages arranged that are no more than what they would pay in rent.

Furthermore, and using the $4M Mayoral fund if necessary, those families who agree to take all measures to reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum may be ‘future proofed’ against rising prices by being retrofitted with solar and a rain water ‘factory’, and edible gardens,  to act as HQ’s in each neighbourhood or catchment and provide a network for Civil Defence, so every neighbourhood has food, water and power in an emergency.  They may pay off that initial deposit by holding events to inspire others in the neighbourhood to follow suite =  the KINDEST CITY.

This would also provide an immediate solution to traffic congestion since people are more likely to share vehicles if they know one another better.   If people can save $3K a year carpooling, as in Christchurch,  then that alone would be attractive but Council could provide other incentives and in fact run friendly inter-catchment competitions for worthwhile  rewards from worm bins / composters to eco-holidays and electric vehicles  for outstanding results.    This immediate reduction in congestion is important to buy time to look at the large expensive projects with an ecologically sound mindset to come up with the very best solution rather than desperately pouring our money into inferior projects.

Monies saved by not fluoridating and not using unnecessary pesticides , and a local-community-based labour force without all the layers of bureaucracy and the opportunity for corruption, will also cut down on traffic congestion as well as provide a much more economic way to control weeds, minimise rubbish and pollution, upkeep our neighbourhoods and even do minor road repairs – as we found out in Sherwood where our repairs around a carpark have lasted over 20 years whilst other areas have been done several times over.

More home ownership makes for a more stable society and a further benefit could be that the youth in these families that are being helped into their own homes would most likely be eager to be involved in renovations and motivated to become builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and other useful employment.

I continued at the meeting to close with:

Links to this site, our FB pages and the council’s election website   where people can also link to the FB pages, the 1080 Petition and the documentary ‘Let Us Spray’.

AND last, but not least, the voter’s election booklets where I have been fortunate to gain a FULL PAGE right opposite two of the main contenders who only have half a page.    THINK ABOUT THAT!   The only candidate who bothered to include a Maori translation to honour the treaty, and demonstrating forward thinking and strategic planning.   Phil Goff has claimed that he will ‘do more with less‘, but I didn’t just talk about it I did it – and always have.

That’s why I could become your $500 Mayor – rather than $500,000!   I will look after and be frugal with YOUR money too.

I am more interested in Auckland becoming the healthiest, kindest and happiest city in the world for all of us – our first ORGANIC CITY!

Rather than a ‘smart’ glittering showcase for the world that could bankrupt most of us.





From STOP Trashing Our Planet = STOP
Candidate for Mayor for Auckland
& Northland DHB
Tricia CHEEL

Phone 09 476 7279
Mobile 027 469 2233

It was too much for another mayoral candidate to hear Phil Goff play on his Labour Party associations in reminding the good people at Selwyn Village of the proud beginnings with Michael Joseph Savage and what a champion for NZ Norman Kirk was.

It was Tricia Cheel’s only second public meeting in Auckland, and she followed immediately on from Goff to tell the residents of her mother’s sense of betrayal by Labour in 1984 after she had been at Savage’s initial meetings in Auckland and even collected his signature in her autograph book as a teenager.

Tricia Cheel went on to point out that although Labour appeared to be trying to redeem itself and return to it’s core values, Phil Goff was the only member to vote for the TPPA, and outlined how that would worsen the corporate takeover of all our lives particularly in light of the Bayer buy-out of Monsanto and the mergers of the chemical giants Du Pont and DOW.

The New Zealand Herald could almost be seen to be campaigning for the coalition Tricia Cheel is standing for, STOP Trashing Our Planet, since almost everyday there is yet another reminder of how our health is being sacrificed to the corporate agenda:

19-9-2-16       Our obese kids
16-9-2016       Agri-giants merger ripples NZ & Alzheimer’s to triple by 2050
11–9-2016       Fighting back – from 499 in 1995 to 797 in 2012 = 59% increase in breast                        cancer for under 45’s in 13 years!
10-9-2016       P babies – born to an uncertain future & From farm girl to high-flyer
7-9-2016        Air pollution linked to Alzheimer’s & Warning over warming seas
4-9-2016        Brain detectives – What does air pollution have to do with Alzheimer’s
PLUS  40% increase in childhood cancers in UK in 16 years
More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050
Loss of 50% of wildlife in the past 40 years!

And every now and then there is an inkling of an exciting healthy future:

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It is disappointing to see that the NZ Herald continues to only cover the policies of a select few running for the Mayor of Auckland when there may well be a more viable future contained in the visions of other candidate such as Tricia Cheel’s.

We will never get real change unless the voters are given the opportunity to examine these in depth and below is the STOP candidate’s answers to questions from media that have never been aired.     Hopefully it is not too late to redress this lack of democracy?

It has also been extremely disappointing to find that groups organising candidates meetings have been similarly selective and the only invitations Tricia Cheel has received has been from Karaka, National Council of Women, Selwyn Village and AUSA whilst Mark Thomas said in Karaka that that was the 43rd one he had attended.

No wonder there is lack of interest by voters when it’s the same old same old!

STOP’s answers from Tricia CHEEL – Candidate for Mayor for Auckland.

1) What are your priorities for Auckland?

STOP unnecessary toxic and polluting substances and practices like toxic fluoride, cruel 1080 poison, carcinogenic glyphosate – money better spent on non-toxic methods for better results and jobs etc.
STOP corporate sponsorship of all public events and venues so children not getting mixed messages about alcohol, junk food and other harmful substances and practices – how can parents protect their children from MacDonalds for instance when there is a RonaldMacDonald House ‘helping children get better’?
Sports and other groups need not suffer if the government extracts rightful taxes from Big Business to replace this ‘Efficient philanthropy’ designed to sanitise their image.
BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC AUCKLAND by 2020 – the healthiest city in the world?
Monitoring by DHB’s, Medical School, Police etc to determine benefits and reductions to their costs so Auckland ratepayers can be reimbursed from the health, ACC, Police budgets etc

Children in cars, tents, garages, leaky and mouldy homes etc need to be rescued immediately!
Pilot project with Mayoral fund if necessary to provide innovate integration of funding sources to tackle this together with other problems – like inadequate Civil Defence provisions.
Example – identify families in greatest need and offer package – interest free deposit on house with mortgage repayments no more than what they pay in rent: retrofitted with solar power and rain water ‘factory’, edible organic garden to future-proof them against rising prices, so they can feel secure with outgoings they can manage: and in return they reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum and act as HQ for Civil Defence so in times of emergency that neighbourhood knows it will have power and water and food.
Need network through out city and can pay back the loan by holding CD drills, open days, food banks, waste minimisation, water conservation – whatever the neighbourhood needs:
if with to move on then the property is covenanted so can only be bought by families prepared to carry on in the same manner.    EarthSong is a great example of what may be achieved.
Monitored again as in HEALTHIEST CITY to seek reimbursement from said budgets

I promise a sharp turn left from EGO to ECO:
from the egotistical, profiteering corporate disaster that is Auckland City which has increased poverty and homelessness:
to an ecologically sound model of governance the helps everybody enjoy a good life full of opportunity.
The corporate model where decisions are made by an elite and imposed on the masses – as the Unitary Plan has been done – must be replaced by a local-community-based model where decisions are made from the ground up.
Where there is a rich, thriving diverse population, engaged in contributing to solutions because they feel appreciated, valued, empowered and included, even when they have ‘dissenting views and voices’.
Apart from the obvious need for an overarching strategy for essential infrastructure, decisions need to be made as locally as possible and services provided by locals at a fraction of the cost of contractors travelling from one side of the city to the other, adding to congestion and being over-managed by highly paid council staff.
The corporate model has not delivered the savings promised by amalgamation:
there is corruption, massive inefficiencies and waste and duplication:
the CCOs must be brought under council control with in-house contracting wherever possible:
rather then paying executive salaries for jobs that don’t require massive over qualification, we need to get back to local services delivered in an economic manner by local people with local knowledge.
Neighbourhood groups can manage most weed control, rubbish, graffiti, even minor road repairs, and a tight knit community forms the basis for a carpooling scheme that would be successful because people could get to know their neighbours and trust them (or not :}).
A successful carpooling scheme could immediately reduce congestion while all the transport options are explored under the auspices of a properly integrated, organic, innovative and ecologically-sound model:
I don’t have all the inside information – I didn’t receive that phonecall from Simon Bridges!

Everyone will be healthier & happier with the toxic burden lifted off them;
knowing the most vulnerable members of our community are being looked after:
and having a real say in how their rates are being applied to the things that matter most to them:
and this may vary greatly from one community to the other producing vastly differing ‘identities’ that make for greater strength in the social fabric of our city
The basic unit of management in this ecologically sound model is the catchment – or mini-catchment and this provides an ideal way to again measure the improvements in health, the reduction in pollution, congestion, waste and crime etc and therefore the baselines to have government to contribute from the savings to their health, welfare, police, ACC budgets.

It also allows for healthy ‘inter-catchment’ competition whereby community groups may vie for eco-friendly ‘rewards’ . . . a neighbourhood solar powered rain water factory even an electric car – depending on what savings and benefits their efforts have produced.
I could go on . . . :}

2) What experience have you had that makes you the right fit for the job?
Born in non-fluoridated Onehunga
Grew up on dairy farm in Dargaville – rural Auckland is tremendously important and breaks my heart to see fertile land being turned into housing!
From DUX to DUMMY ~ the Fluoride Effect
– see F.I.N. FB page
DUX of Dargaville HS 1966
Study in Auckland from 1967 – the year fluoride was introduced here:
and in first intake of Auckland Medical School – 1968 – 1970
Wondered what on earth was wrong with me for 35 years after moving to live in Auckland in 1977 but felt fine when home on holidays.
Stopped drinking the tap water in October 2012 and had wonderful improvement in my health and well being in just a day or so
Searched for answers in natural health field and tutored over 500 adults through Community Education:
found the same people coming to me with the same complaints every time the council sprayed whilst setting up a practice:
1990 – 2016 co-ordinator of Friends of Sherwood, a community group working hard to enhance the neighbourhood and have a healthy and beautiful neighbourhood in which to live, as free as possible of toxic chemicals, waste and other pollution.
Lobbying council all this time:
extended from keeping the local playground free of carcinogenic glyphosate to whole of reserve then 23 kms of roading around it until could show that Integrated Organic Management with community involvement could compete with the cost of Roundup and produce a better result than the Devonport Weed Trials had come up with.
Managed contracts with North Shore City for whole of East Coast Bays until bumped sideways by Waipuna hot water system in 1996/7
Member of Working Party of Projects CARE and Rosedale to clean up beach pollution and upgrade the Rosedale treatment plant.
May 1999 NZ Health Industry Distinguished Health Service Award for initiating public education and promoting awareness on environmental health issues.

1999 FOS obtained grant from Infrastructure Auckland to vegetate 2 kms of banks of the Taiaotea Stream in Browns Bay wither 30,000 eco-sourced native species, to improve the storm water quality and therefore lessen the beach pollution.
Managed Taskforce Green workforce and sponsored many PD sessions over many years.
Presently neglected by council while we cannot send in our volunteers since Auckland Council cannot seem to get it’s act together over it’s own Weed Management Policy

Ran The Green-Bee Hive – and eco-community recycling centre and workshop,and for a time an Environment Centre until Vodafone erected cell phone site nearby on reserve land.
Holiday programmes and waste and composting/worm farming workshops.
Battles through the Environment Court to attempt to protect streams in Special Development Areas
and original supporter of the Long Bay Great Park Society
Convenor of the Fluoridation Information Network – F.I.N. – because once you have ALL the information you’ll want an END to fluoridation.
Very familiar with the workings of Local Boards and Council and know what a difference their support, or otherwise can make.

Determined that everybody with the sort of motivation Friends of Sherwood have had over 27 years is supported by council rather than obstructed and sidelined as we have often been – probably because we have never subverted our basic principles to agree to the unacceptable such as poisoning our children and pets with carcinogenic glyphosate, torturing animals with 1080 poison and trampling over our right to choose what goes into our bodies as the practice of fluoridation does.

Overqualified for Mayor I think? . . . :}

Making the most of the resources to hand – I do do more with less – not just say I would!

Take advantage of the opportunities – like nabbing the IA grant while the Local Board and NSCC were umming and ahhing and the fund had disappeared before they could apply

Like the voters’ booklet where I have a whole page because I bothered to include a Maori translation – the only candidate to do so.
I will apply that same vigour and enterprise to the whole of Auckland!
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STOP Candidate for Mayor for Auckland.

Launch The Longboats!


Monday 1st August


STOP Trashing Our Planet = STOP is a newly formed coalition of independent kiwis and groups determined to do everything in their power to rescue their country from all the unnecessary toxic and polluting substances and practices that are destroying the paradise that New Zealand once was and endangering the health of their children and all life on earth.

They are challenging people from one end of the country to the other to join them and make a stand, for the sake of their children, in the upcoming elections.   They  already have candidates covering over half the electorate but want to make sure that every voter in the Council and District Health Board elections receive the message that we cannot continue to gamble with our future in this way.

If we do continue on as we are, we are told that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.   There has been a staggering loss of species in the past 40 years and the biodiversity index has fallen below the 90% said to keep life viable.  These require drastic action to correct: not a multimillion dollar increase in the poison spend in a misguided attempt to exterminate animals that may well have an important part to play in keeping our evolving forests healthy.

Jim Hilton, standing for the West Coast Regional Council,  expects the announcement of the Predator Free by 2050 plan signals even more use of poisons like 1080.   As a seasoned campaigner from Karamea this is his special area of expertise and he has written and argued at length against helicopter poisoning on public land.

This war against nature is quite likely to also herald the release of GE material as intimated for 2025 , about the time it will be found the blitzkrieg of chemicals are failing to have a result, and time enough to  secure a popular buy-in to this misguided ‘feel-good’ programme so the public will be expected to succumb to this giant leap backward, since genetic pollution is forever, in the false promise of saving the birds.

He is joined in the South Island by Wendy Mitchell, a candidate for Buller District Council who is also strongly opposed to 1080 and other poisons being spread around the country and sees the money being better spent in job creation so sorely needed in the area.

In the North Island, Jeff Wright, candidate for Waikato District Health Board observes, “I have lived in South Auckland all my life but discovered the great outdoors before 1080 decimated many parts of our forests and know from personal experience what a mistake using such poison has been, despite the official stories that are being told.”

He is also deeply concerned about the effects of 1080 and a myriad of other pollutants spread on land and that all make their way to the scallop and oyster farms in the Firth of Thames and throughout the ocean.   If this war against nature continues it is going to stop our children being able to enjoy what he considers their birthright to forage in the forests and oceans without fear of being poisoned.


In Auckland, Tricia Cheel, Convenor of the Fluoridation Information Network, ran for Mayor in 2013 after enjoying a tremendous improvement in her health when she stopped drinking the artificially fluoridated tap water in October 2012.

Tricia grew up on a dairy farm in Dargaville she often wondered why she felt so much better in the holidays whilst studying in Auckland from 1967 to 1970.   It was 35 years later, after she settled in Browns Bay in 1977,  before she realised how much the fluoride was affecting her. She is determined that this scourge, as she refers to it,should be removed from all water supplies.     Tricia will stand  for the Northland District Health Board (NDHB) to fight off  moves to introduce virtual mandatory fluoridation should the government pass that decision over to the DHB’s throughout New Zealand.

She also stood in East Coast Bays for the Ban 1080 Party in 2014 and is appalled that 1080 was dropped in Auckland’s water catchment with such disregard for the suffering it caused that the figures for the by-kill have still not been produced.   Tricia    would hate to see aerial poisoning of water supplies throughout Northland.

As the co-ordinator of Friends of Sherwood (FOS), a community group which showed that non-toxic methods could compete with Roundup weed killer (glyphosate) and so  is tremendously disappointed that the Independent Hearing Panel of the Unitary Plan have not included Auckland Council’s own weed policy, despite them pointing out that the policy itself required that to happen.   Instead, since Auckland Transport took over most weed control in 2012,  poison use has increased  in spite of glyphosate being categorised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a probable human carcinogen in 2015.

As a long time campaigner, Tricia Cheel says, “We have got  to take seriously the effect these toxins have on the neurological development of our children.   The first environment they encounter is the womb and studies have shown they are already being exposed to hundreds of chemicals there.  We cannot continue to gamble with their future“.

Four more candidates are expected to be announced this week which will cover over half the electors, and once others realise the importance of standing up and being counted the coalition hope to cover the entire country before nominations close on 12th August.

Members of the  coalition are prepared to stand in any area that people may wish to have such a vital issue addressed if they are able to  provide two electors from the area to nominate them and preferably the $200 fee to make sure the message that we all need to STOP Trashing Our Planet (STOP) echoes throughout the land as the message will be included in the official mail-out to every voter in New Zealand’s local body elections.

Kia ora.