Monsanto Tribunal & World Food Day

After the elections and 1080 National Day of Protest we realised that the Monsanto Tribunal would be meeting in The Hague, Netherlands, in next weekend, and determined that this should not go unmarked in Auckland, so organised a rally for WORLD FOOD DAY at Britomart in Downtown Auckland.

Since registrations were a bit slow STOP Trashing Our Planet took a stall at the BePure Live Well Festival at The Cloud on Queens Wharf, just opposite in the hope of drumming up some support – but what a disaster!    Saturday was a washout with wind and rain and even on Sunday the wind kept up an signs kept flying everywhere!


However the truckosaurus gave all a great introduction to The Cloud and Imi Tovia from Avondale Gardeners, and Bethine from Soil & Health came and transported the banner, signs and sound system over the road and joined Lisa Er from GE Free NZ and Steffan Browning , Green MP for  the occasion.


Lisa addressed the crowd that gathered and later at The Cloud spoke of New Zealand’s GE Free status and how that is under threat.


Later the ‘Lemon Lady’ arrived – because Monsanto is a lemon:  and Penny Brightt filmed Steffan Browning talking about the EPA and what is need to get glyphosate off our streets and out of our food.  Penny posted her video on You Tube where it was later removed for ‘breaching community standards’ . . .  view it on our FB page!

Later Steffan came over to The Cloud where our attempts to drum up another audience for his important message was thwarted by ‘management’  . . . ho hum  . . . and he’d flown all the way from Blenheim!


Hudson was a hit though!!!





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