Election Roundup

. . . . to be completed ASAP.

Still working to bring you the final results

and an analysis of what that means for STOP Trashing Our Planet.

But initially can say that overall we gained 7- 10,000 votes, depending on how it is calculated, which is a very pleasing result from just 8 positions.

Victoria Bonham has been elected unopposed for Vincent – so we calculate that represents about 3,000 voters?

Wendy Mitchell just missed out by less than 30 votes for Buller DC

Jim Hilton just missed by one place in both the Westport RC and DHB

Tracy Livingston-Pooley in BOP – results coming

Macushla Rielly-Obiakor for Waikato DHB – results coming

Tricia Cheel – 2024 votes for Mayor for Auckland – is quite chuffed that for the $500 spent go t4 votes per dollar whilst successful Phil Goff is reputed to have spent in excess of $500,000 for his 180,000 votes which equates to over $2 per vote!

For the Northland DHB – not sure how to calculate votes but after the 6th iteration gained 1,500?

The coalition will now evaluate and re-assess where to go from here – so if you want to be part of that discussion just let us know by getting in touch through the ‘Contact’ page.





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