#HelpHudson Sniff Out One Million Non-Voters!

Our SECRET WEAPON in the war against APATHY  unleashed today!


#HelpHudson to help sniff out all those non-voters who could still change the face of Auckland to make it a safer place for all of us – especially gorgeous beasts like him.

#VoteSTOP Trashing Our Planet is not getting the media coverage and has no money or power or influence – but these NON-VOTERS could bestow their mandate on our plan to MAKE AUCKLAND THE HEALTHIEST, KINDEST & HAPPIEST CITY – in the WORLD!      Read about STOP policies here.

#HelpHudson find these non-voters so he can tell them his story!   14517373_10154579794099904_7245055713849568293_n

STOP’s vision is to BAN ALL UNNECESSARY toxic & polluting substances & practices  . . . but many people throw up their hands in horror at all the weeds they imagine would take over the city.          #HUDSON’sMessage to voters and non-voters alike is, that in Quebec there is a town that has banned pesticide use within their boundaries for many years – and NOT ONE PERSON HAS DIED FROM RAMPAGING WEEDS!!!

A town called . . . . . HUDSON!

We can do it too – but #VoteSTOP needs YOUR VOTE – POSTED by WEDNESDAY – or dropped into your local library by 12 noon Saturday 8th October.

If you know of any non-voters – particularly large groups of them – just text me  now and HUDSON will try to drop in on them just as soon as he possibly can – 027 469 2233 . .  . :}


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