AUSA Bunfight


This seemingly innocuous scene at the Shadows Bar at Auckland University on Monday night turned into a right bunfight when at the end of a lively debate David Hay,  who had arrived just a few minutes earlier, went to take the microphone from me as I was finishing my 30 seconds of why people should vote for STOP.

Suddenly from nowhere a shriek of orange flew in from the right and shouted him down:

“You don’t deserve to be here.   You sold us out to Phil Goff”, fellow mayoral candidate, Alazix Heneti kept shouting and grabbed the microphone off  him in a tussle that lasted a good few minutes and provided a riotous finish to an otherwise interesting meeting with an audience obviously quite partisan for Chloe Swarbrick.    I hadn’t picked up in the Herald that morning that David  had stepped out of the race, although he can’t officially, in deference to Phil Goff.

I had arrived just in time and been seated at the end after Adam Holland, Auckland Legalise Cannabis, had jumped into the pouffe someone had hunted up for me, but was happy enough to pull up a speaker instead . . . but not so happy to follow his increasingly  inane offerings and crude gestures as one jug after went dow his hatch.   Not a good advertisement for  legalising cannabis I’d say!

However had some good discussions afterwards and it was refreshing to see the active interest displayed compared to the Massey corporate sausage factory where the students all sat politely consuming the BS without question.

And that’s where I wanted to start my 2 minute intro with Tim’s Bullshit and Jellybeans back in the times of the Vietnam War and  hoped to inspire the students to pitch into this election with the passion, intensity and indeed the ferocity that was shown against the Springbok tours and also resulted in a Nuclear Free New Zealand.

To say that this election will either consolidate 2 terms of more corporate BS, with jellybeans scattered at our feet to sweeten the bitter pills; and may be the last opportunity to end this egotistical, extravagant, greedy, profiteering corporate disaster, that has increased poverty and homelessness, waste and other pollution, social disintegration, environmental destruction and ultimately is hurling us towards extinction; which the TPPA will accelerate – again to remind them that Phil Goff was the only Labour MP to vote for the TPPA and  to remember also the betrayal by labour of 1984.

However the Shadows Bar is aptly named and it was way too dark to read so I  had to wing it and started with the REVIEW in the Herald on Sunday about 911 and The Second Wave of Killers describing how those caught up in Ground Zero are now facing another blow as ill health strikes from exposure to the toxic soup from that disaster.

This of course is mirrored in the increasing rates of cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimers, allergies etc that New Zealand is experiencing also as we reap the harvest of:

60 years of 1080 poison

50 years of fluoride in our water

and 40  years of glyphosate

not to mention the history of DDT, 24-D, 2,4,5-T, asbestos, PCBs,

and that of the nitrates reaching our aquifers from fertilisers and feeding cows on palm kernel.

The deadly harvest shows itself in 59% increase in breast cancers in women under 45 in 13 years;

40% increase in childhood cancers in the UK in 16 years

3 fold increase in Alzheimers’ by 2050 with the news that particles of traffic pollution have been found in the brains of such victims

287 foreign chemicals found in the placentas of new born babies

93% of urine samples testing positive for glyphosate ( 100% in Germany)

50%of wildlife lost in the past 40 years

AND by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean


This will not only overwhelm an already overstretched health budget but threatens the whole economy since we can’t have a healthy economy if people are too sick to work.

We all put forward our solutions for homelessness, housing, traffic congestion, transport and sustainability and at the end had 30 seconds to sum up  why people should vote for us.

IN the ending ruckus I don’t know that my message was received that I saw the big difference between myself and STOP compared to all the others was that we propose to put the power more and more into the hands of the people through local-catchment-community-based pilot project that could be rolled out to the rest of the city, even with government contributing once we have shown the savings to the health, welfare, police and ACC budgets;

from lifting the toxic burden off the living world by banning all UNNECESSARY toxic and polluting substance and practices:

cutting traffic congestion through carpooling and having local jobs done by local people through local-catchment-comunity schemes:

to develop a blueprint for an ORGANIC CITY by 2020;

based on sound ecological principles rather than the egotistical corporate model that presently holds sway . . . etc.

How much of this got through I may never know but they did promise it would be live streamed, and since there was a technical hitch that prevented that, they have assured everybody that it will be posted sooner or later here – AUSA Anti-Debate  – a show not to be missed if they haven’t edited all the drama out at the end!





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