Tricia CHEEL’s address to Long Bay Okura Great Park Society

There was a great turnout for the candidates meeting in Browns Bay today – Sunday 25th September – with 7 Mayoral candidates attending given 3 minutes to convince the residents to vote for them.   Usually I wing it but have realised that it is better to prepare a talk that covers the ground as effectively as possible . . . so here is what I said – with a bit more detail on the actual BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC CITY by 2020.

Hi everybody.   I’ve supported the Great Park from the very beginning and always will; and I ask that this time YOU support me as the only candidate with a comprehensive viable alternative to the egotistical, extravagant, greedy corporate profiteering that inevitably increases poverty, homelessness, waste and other pollution, social disintegration, environmental disasters and ultimately extinction.

(At this point the audience chuckled in relief that it wasn’t something worse coming?)

When you vote don’t forget labour’s betrayal of 1984 and be assured that the TPPA will only accelerate the corporate control of our lives;  and Phil Goff was the only Labour MP to vote for it.

( Here Phil confirmed that this was true.)

With any other candidate it will be business 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as usual because the structure of council is inherently egotistical, greedy, extravagant, wasteful and corrupt:   and attempts to make it honest, or kind, or efficient with less waste and duplication are futile because the EGO pyramidal structure is simply dog eat dog in the scramble to the top; with efficient philanthropy , lots of spin doctors and even outrageous and outright lies to sanitise their image.

STOP is offering a radical change of direction; a sharp turn to the left;  a change of mindset from EGO to ECO; to an ecologically sound model of governance that helps everyone enjoy a good life full of opportunity.

Not something I can fully explain in 3 minutes but suffice to say that the groundwork has already been laid with comprehensive catchment management plans throughout Auckland which will form the basic unit of management for local-community-catchment-based pilot schemes to involve the whole community in identifying what the crucial issues are for them to tackle creatively, with innovative and integrated funding streams.   A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to grow community from the ground up.

Catchment-based models provide an provide an easy way to monitor and gauge improvements in traffic, waste and other pollution, sickness, crime and even happiness:   to quantify  savings to health, police, ACC, welfare and other budgets so the government may be expected to contribute as the proven models are rolled out through the whole region by 2019 and following this period of transition a BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC CITY can be realised by 2020.

I will enlarge this blueprint here on this blog but obviously didn’t have time to do so in my address.

This is putting power back in the hands of the people, with local jobs for local people, and growing a sense of identity and belonging for each individual neighbourhood.    The Governing body needs to initially lift the toxic burden off the living world by turning off the fluoride tap, banning carcinogenic glyphosate, cruel 1080 and all UNNECESSARY toxic and polluting substances and practises = HAPPIEST CITY.

This alone will resulting a tremendous improvement in health and vitality as I myself experienced when I simply stopped drinking the fluoridated tap water totally in 2012.  Council will only buy uncontaminated food and water and corporate sponsorship will be removed sequentially from all public venues and events so we are not giving children mixed messages about alcohol, drugs, junk food, gambling and other harmful products or practices.    Government will be approached to replace this sponsorship ( or ‘efficient philanthropy‘ corporates use to sanitise their image) by levying rightful taxes on big businesses who presently escape them.  Police recommendations on licensing hours will be adopted rather than those from the ‘hospitality’ industry. DHB’s and the Medical School will be invited to monitor health: police already monitor crime stats;  and traffic pollution can be extrapolated from vehicle movements.    Expect less obesity, Alzheimers, breast cancer. allergies, asthma, crime and even better mental health and happiness = HEALTHIEST CITY.

Homelessness will be a priority because if government won’t act sufficiently, as a compassionate community we cannot stand by and see precious children and other vulnerable people suffer.   Just as the policeman who allowed people into a  soccer stadium that could not fit them all in the UK,  and many were crushed to death, I regard it as criminal for the government to continue to push immigrants into Auckland when there are already too many people without suitable accommodation.   I will negotiate ‘manageable immigration’ with government.

At the same time there are many houses unoccupied in Auckland and it may be that there are sufficient to not have to moderate new arrivals.   Owners of vacant properties could be offered an ‘amnesty’, much like that done recently for dog owners,  and given time to put their case as to why their property is not available.    Council may take the roll of brokering rentals to allay owners concerns about letting out their properties, ( The carrot) but where it is obvious an investment situation, sitting on houses for capital gain, then it may be regarded as a ‘business’ and the properties rated accordingly – and may even be prohibited in residential areas. (The stick)

The third measure to address housing issues is for those in state housing areas to be able to purchase these properties, presently being sold to property developers for $20-30K below market value.    Instead that is used as an interest-free loan for a deposit and mortgages arranged that are no more than what they would pay in rent.

Furthermore, and using the $4M Mayoral fund if necessary, those families who agree to take all measures to reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum may be ‘future proofed’ against rising prices by being retrofitted with solar and a rain water ‘factory’, and edible gardens,  to act as HQ’s in each neighbourhood or catchment and provide a network for Civil Defence, so every neighbourhood has food, water and power in an emergency.  They may pay off that initial deposit by holding events to inspire others in the neighbourhood to follow suite =  the KINDEST CITY.

This would also provide an immediate solution to traffic congestion since people are more likely to share vehicles if they know one another better.   If people can save $3K a year carpooling, as in Christchurch,  then that alone would be attractive but Council could provide other incentives and in fact run friendly inter-catchment competitions for worthwhile  rewards from worm bins / composters to eco-holidays and electric vehicles  for outstanding results.    This immediate reduction in congestion is important to buy time to look at the large expensive projects with an ecologically sound mindset to come up with the very best solution rather than desperately pouring our money into inferior projects.

Monies saved by not fluoridating and not using unnecessary pesticides , and a local-community-based labour force without all the layers of bureaucracy and the opportunity for corruption, will also cut down on traffic congestion as well as provide a much more economic way to control weeds, minimise rubbish and pollution, upkeep our neighbourhoods and even do minor road repairs – as we found out in Sherwood where our repairs around a carpark have lasted over 20 years whilst other areas have been done several times over.

More home ownership makes for a more stable society and a further benefit could be that the youth in these families that are being helped into their own homes would most likely be eager to be involved in renovations and motivated to become builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and other useful employment.

I continued at the meeting to close with:

Links to this site, our FB pages and the council’s election website   where people can also link to the FB pages, the 1080 Petition and the documentary ‘Let Us Spray’.

AND last, but not least, the voter’s election booklets where I have been fortunate to gain a FULL PAGE right opposite two of the main contenders who only have half a page.    THINK ABOUT THAT!   The only candidate who bothered to include a Maori translation to honour the treaty, and demonstrating forward thinking and strategic planning.   Phil Goff has claimed that he will ‘do more with less‘, but I didn’t just talk about it I did it – and always have.

That’s why I could become your $500 Mayor – rather than $500,000!   I will look after and be frugal with YOUR money too.

I am more interested in Auckland becoming the healthiest, kindest and happiest city in the world for all of us – our first ORGANIC CITY!

Rather than a ‘smart’ glittering showcase for the world that could bankrupt most of us.





2 thoughts on “Tricia CHEEL’s address to Long Bay Okura Great Park Society

  1. That’s an excellent address (talk) Tricia. It certainly reflects a lot of my political thinking. It’s a refreshing change in direction for NZ politics which will get you support not just in Auckland but NZ wide. I trust it will get some of the disenchanted and cynical ratepayers back to the ballot box.
    I am one of two STOP candidates standing for local body seats on the West Coast of the South Island. I have been to three “meet the candidate meetings” so far and have two more to go. I get three to five minutes speaking time at each meeting and my talks change slightly from venue to venue. I have also had 150 word statements in three of the local newspapers. I will post these talks and statements (blurbs) on the STOP website (they are not there yet).


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