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& Northland DHB
Tricia CHEEL

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It was too much for another mayoral candidate to hear Phil Goff play on his Labour Party associations in reminding the good people at Selwyn Village of the proud beginnings with Michael Joseph Savage and what a champion for NZ Norman Kirk was.

It was Tricia Cheel’s only second public meeting in Auckland, and she followed immediately on from Goff to tell the residents of her mother’s sense of betrayal by Labour in 1984 after she had been at Savage’s initial meetings in Auckland and even collected his signature in her autograph book as a teenager.

Tricia Cheel went on to point out that although Labour appeared to be trying to redeem itself and return to it’s core values, Phil Goff was the only member to vote for the TPPA, and outlined how that would worsen the corporate takeover of all our lives particularly in light of the Bayer buy-out of Monsanto and the mergers of the chemical giants Du Pont and DOW.

The New Zealand Herald could almost be seen to be campaigning for the coalition Tricia Cheel is standing for, STOP Trashing Our Planet, since almost everyday there is yet another reminder of how our health is being sacrificed to the corporate agenda:

19-9-2-16       Our obese kids
16-9-2016       Agri-giants merger ripples NZ & Alzheimer’s to triple by 2050
11–9-2016       Fighting back – from 499 in 1995 to 797 in 2012 = 59% increase in breast                        cancer for under 45’s in 13 years!
10-9-2016       P babies – born to an uncertain future & From farm girl to high-flyer
7-9-2016        Air pollution linked to Alzheimer’s & Warning over warming seas
4-9-2016        Brain detectives – What does air pollution have to do with Alzheimer’s
PLUS  40% increase in childhood cancers in UK in 16 years
More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050
Loss of 50% of wildlife in the past 40 years!

And every now and then there is an inkling of an exciting healthy future:

13-9-2016      Organics demand ‘exciting’ for land sales
4-9-2016       Woolly thinking’s best: Charles

It is disappointing to see that the NZ Herald continues to only cover the policies of a select few running for the Mayor of Auckland when there may well be a more viable future contained in the visions of other candidate such as Tricia Cheel’s.

We will never get real change unless the voters are given the opportunity to examine these in depth and below is the STOP candidate’s answers to questions from media that have never been aired.     Hopefully it is not too late to redress this lack of democracy?

It has also been extremely disappointing to find that groups organising candidates meetings have been similarly selective and the only invitations Tricia Cheel has received has been from Karaka, National Council of Women, Selwyn Village and AUSA whilst Mark Thomas said in Karaka that that was the 43rd one he had attended.

No wonder there is lack of interest by voters when it’s the same old same old!

STOP’s answers from Tricia CHEEL – Candidate for Mayor for Auckland.

1) What are your priorities for Auckland?

STOP unnecessary toxic and polluting substances and practices like toxic fluoride, cruel 1080 poison, carcinogenic glyphosate – money better spent on non-toxic methods for better results and jobs etc.
STOP corporate sponsorship of all public events and venues so children not getting mixed messages about alcohol, junk food and other harmful substances and practices – how can parents protect their children from MacDonalds for instance when there is a RonaldMacDonald House ‘helping children get better’?
Sports and other groups need not suffer if the government extracts rightful taxes from Big Business to replace this ‘Efficient philanthropy’ designed to sanitise their image.
BLUEPRINT for an ORGANIC AUCKLAND by 2020 – the healthiest city in the world?
Monitoring by DHB’s, Medical School, Police etc to determine benefits and reductions to their costs so Auckland ratepayers can be reimbursed from the health, ACC, Police budgets etc

Children in cars, tents, garages, leaky and mouldy homes etc need to be rescued immediately!
Pilot project with Mayoral fund if necessary to provide innovate integration of funding sources to tackle this together with other problems – like inadequate Civil Defence provisions.
Example – identify families in greatest need and offer package – interest free deposit on house with mortgage repayments no more than what they pay in rent: retrofitted with solar power and rain water ‘factory’, edible organic garden to future-proof them against rising prices, so they can feel secure with outgoings they can manage: and in return they reduce their carbon footprint to a minimum and act as HQ for Civil Defence so in times of emergency that neighbourhood knows it will have power and water and food.
Need network through out city and can pay back the loan by holding CD drills, open days, food banks, waste minimisation, water conservation – whatever the neighbourhood needs:
if with to move on then the property is covenanted so can only be bought by families prepared to carry on in the same manner.    EarthSong is a great example of what may be achieved.
Monitored again as in HEALTHIEST CITY to seek reimbursement from said budgets

I promise a sharp turn left from EGO to ECO:
from the egotistical, profiteering corporate disaster that is Auckland City which has increased poverty and homelessness:
to an ecologically sound model of governance the helps everybody enjoy a good life full of opportunity.
The corporate model where decisions are made by an elite and imposed on the masses – as the Unitary Plan has been done – must be replaced by a local-community-based model where decisions are made from the ground up.
Where there is a rich, thriving diverse population, engaged in contributing to solutions because they feel appreciated, valued, empowered and included, even when they have ‘dissenting views and voices’.
Apart from the obvious need for an overarching strategy for essential infrastructure, decisions need to be made as locally as possible and services provided by locals at a fraction of the cost of contractors travelling from one side of the city to the other, adding to congestion and being over-managed by highly paid council staff.
The corporate model has not delivered the savings promised by amalgamation:
there is corruption, massive inefficiencies and waste and duplication:
the CCOs must be brought under council control with in-house contracting wherever possible:
rather then paying executive salaries for jobs that don’t require massive over qualification, we need to get back to local services delivered in an economic manner by local people with local knowledge.
Neighbourhood groups can manage most weed control, rubbish, graffiti, even minor road repairs, and a tight knit community forms the basis for a carpooling scheme that would be successful because people could get to know their neighbours and trust them (or not :}).
A successful carpooling scheme could immediately reduce congestion while all the transport options are explored under the auspices of a properly integrated, organic, innovative and ecologically-sound model:
I don’t have all the inside information – I didn’t receive that phonecall from Simon Bridges!

Everyone will be healthier & happier with the toxic burden lifted off them;
knowing the most vulnerable members of our community are being looked after:
and having a real say in how their rates are being applied to the things that matter most to them:
and this may vary greatly from one community to the other producing vastly differing ‘identities’ that make for greater strength in the social fabric of our city
The basic unit of management in this ecologically sound model is the catchment – or mini-catchment and this provides an ideal way to again measure the improvements in health, the reduction in pollution, congestion, waste and crime etc and therefore the baselines to have government to contribute from the savings to their health, welfare, police, ACC budgets.

It also allows for healthy ‘inter-catchment’ competition whereby community groups may vie for eco-friendly ‘rewards’ . . . a neighbourhood solar powered rain water factory even an electric car – depending on what savings and benefits their efforts have produced.
I could go on . . . :}

2) What experience have you had that makes you the right fit for the job?
Born in non-fluoridated Onehunga
Grew up on dairy farm in Dargaville – rural Auckland is tremendously important and breaks my heart to see fertile land being turned into housing!
From DUX to DUMMY ~ the Fluoride Effect
– see F.I.N. FB page
DUX of Dargaville HS 1966
Study in Auckland from 1967 – the year fluoride was introduced here:
and in first intake of Auckland Medical School – 1968 – 1970
Wondered what on earth was wrong with me for 35 years after moving to live in Auckland in 1977 but felt fine when home on holidays.
Stopped drinking the tap water in October 2012 and had wonderful improvement in my health and well being in just a day or so
Searched for answers in natural health field and tutored over 500 adults through Community Education:
found the same people coming to me with the same complaints every time the council sprayed whilst setting up a practice:
1990 – 2016 co-ordinator of Friends of Sherwood, a community group working hard to enhance the neighbourhood and have a healthy and beautiful neighbourhood in which to live, as free as possible of toxic chemicals, waste and other pollution.
Lobbying council all this time:
extended from keeping the local playground free of carcinogenic glyphosate to whole of reserve then 23 kms of roading around it until could show that Integrated Organic Management with community involvement could compete with the cost of Roundup and produce a better result than the Devonport Weed Trials had come up with.
Managed contracts with North Shore City for whole of East Coast Bays until bumped sideways by Waipuna hot water system in 1996/7
Member of Working Party of Projects CARE and Rosedale to clean up beach pollution and upgrade the Rosedale treatment plant.
May 1999 NZ Health Industry Distinguished Health Service Award for initiating public education and promoting awareness on environmental health issues.

1999 FOS obtained grant from Infrastructure Auckland to vegetate 2 kms of banks of the Taiaotea Stream in Browns Bay wither 30,000 eco-sourced native species, to improve the storm water quality and therefore lessen the beach pollution.
Managed Taskforce Green workforce and sponsored many PD sessions over many years.
Presently neglected by council while we cannot send in our volunteers since Auckland Council cannot seem to get it’s act together over it’s own Weed Management Policy

Ran The Green-Bee Hive – and eco-community recycling centre and workshop,and for a time an Environment Centre until Vodafone erected cell phone site nearby on reserve land.
Holiday programmes and waste and composting/worm farming workshops.
Battles through the Environment Court to attempt to protect streams in Special Development Areas
and original supporter of the Long Bay Great Park Society
Convenor of the Fluoridation Information Network – F.I.N. – because once you have ALL the information you’ll want an END to fluoridation.
Very familiar with the workings of Local Boards and Council and know what a difference their support, or otherwise can make.

Determined that everybody with the sort of motivation Friends of Sherwood have had over 27 years is supported by council rather than obstructed and sidelined as we have often been – probably because we have never subverted our basic principles to agree to the unacceptable such as poisoning our children and pets with carcinogenic glyphosate, torturing animals with 1080 poison and trampling over our right to choose what goes into our bodies as the practice of fluoridation does.

Overqualified for Mayor I think? . . . :}

Making the most of the resources to hand – I do do more with less – not just say I would!

Take advantage of the opportunities – like nabbing the IA grant while the Local Board and NSCC were umming and ahhing and the fund had disappeared before they could apply

Like the voters’ booklet where I have a whole page because I bothered to include a Maori translation – the only candidate to do so.
I will apply that same vigour and enterprise to the whole of Auckland!
Show Your Love Profile for Tricia CHEEL

STOP Candidate for Mayor for Auckland.


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