Launch The Longboats!


Monday 1st August


STOP Trashing Our Planet = STOP is a newly formed coalition of independent kiwis and groups determined to do everything in their power to rescue their country from all the unnecessary toxic and polluting substances and practices that are destroying the paradise that New Zealand once was and endangering the health of their children and all life on earth.

They are challenging people from one end of the country to the other to join them and make a stand, for the sake of their children, in the upcoming elections.   They  already have candidates covering over half the electorate but want to make sure that every voter in the Council and District Health Board elections receive the message that we cannot continue to gamble with our future in this way.

If we do continue on as we are, we are told that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.   There has been a staggering loss of species in the past 40 years and the biodiversity index has fallen below the 90% said to keep life viable.  These require drastic action to correct: not a multimillion dollar increase in the poison spend in a misguided attempt to exterminate animals that may well have an important part to play in keeping our evolving forests healthy.

Jim Hilton, standing for the West Coast Regional Council,  expects the announcement of the Predator Free by 2050 plan signals even more use of poisons like 1080.   As a seasoned campaigner from Karamea this is his special area of expertise and he has written and argued at length against helicopter poisoning on public land.

This war against nature is quite likely to also herald the release of GE material as intimated for 2025 , about the time it will be found the blitzkrieg of chemicals are failing to have a result, and time enough to  secure a popular buy-in to this misguided ‘feel-good’ programme so the public will be expected to succumb to this giant leap backward, since genetic pollution is forever, in the false promise of saving the birds.

He is joined in the South Island by Wendy Mitchell, a candidate for Buller District Council who is also strongly opposed to 1080 and other poisons being spread around the country and sees the money being better spent in job creation so sorely needed in the area.

In the North Island, Jeff Wright, candidate for Waikato District Health Board observes, “I have lived in South Auckland all my life but discovered the great outdoors before 1080 decimated many parts of our forests and know from personal experience what a mistake using such poison has been, despite the official stories that are being told.”

He is also deeply concerned about the effects of 1080 and a myriad of other pollutants spread on land and that all make their way to the scallop and oyster farms in the Firth of Thames and throughout the ocean.   If this war against nature continues it is going to stop our children being able to enjoy what he considers their birthright to forage in the forests and oceans without fear of being poisoned.


In Auckland, Tricia Cheel, Convenor of the Fluoridation Information Network, ran for Mayor in 2013 after enjoying a tremendous improvement in her health when she stopped drinking the artificially fluoridated tap water in October 2012.

Tricia grew up on a dairy farm in Dargaville she often wondered why she felt so much better in the holidays whilst studying in Auckland from 1967 to 1970.   It was 35 years later, after she settled in Browns Bay in 1977,  before she realised how much the fluoride was affecting her. She is determined that this scourge, as she refers to it,should be removed from all water supplies.     Tricia will stand  for the Northland District Health Board (NDHB) to fight off  moves to introduce virtual mandatory fluoridation should the government pass that decision over to the DHB’s throughout New Zealand.

She also stood in East Coast Bays for the Ban 1080 Party in 2014 and is appalled that 1080 was dropped in Auckland’s water catchment with such disregard for the suffering it caused that the figures for the by-kill have still not been produced.   Tricia    would hate to see aerial poisoning of water supplies throughout Northland.

As the co-ordinator of Friends of Sherwood (FOS), a community group which showed that non-toxic methods could compete with Roundup weed killer (glyphosate) and so  is tremendously disappointed that the Independent Hearing Panel of the Unitary Plan have not included Auckland Council’s own weed policy, despite them pointing out that the policy itself required that to happen.   Instead, since Auckland Transport took over most weed control in 2012,  poison use has increased  in spite of glyphosate being categorised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a probable human carcinogen in 2015.

As a long time campaigner, Tricia Cheel says, “We have got  to take seriously the effect these toxins have on the neurological development of our children.   The first environment they encounter is the womb and studies have shown they are already being exposed to hundreds of chemicals there.  We cannot continue to gamble with their future“.

Four more candidates are expected to be announced this week which will cover over half the electors, and once others realise the importance of standing up and being counted the coalition hope to cover the entire country before nominations close on 12th August.

Members of the  coalition are prepared to stand in any area that people may wish to have such a vital issue addressed if they are able to  provide two electors from the area to nominate them and preferably the $200 fee to make sure the message that we all need to STOP Trashing Our Planet (STOP) echoes throughout the land as the message will be included in the official mail-out to every voter in New Zealand’s local body elections.

Kia ora.



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